Mainichi Issho Gets Trophies

Free crazy Japanese cat-based news download gets Trophies. Oh the irony.

Mainichi Issho, the daily news thing for Japanese speaking PS3 owners, is getting a Trophy patch today, according to GAME Watch.  Want some incredibly easy Trophies?  Download Mainichi Issho from the Japanese Store and use it for 4 months.


  • Install the September update
  • Read Toro Station 3 times
  • Read Toro Station 10 times


  • Read Toro Station 30 times
  • Read Toro Station 50 times


  • Read Toro Station 90 times
  • Read Toro Station 120 times

Seriously, these are real.  Forget impossibly hard space shoot-em-ups or tricky organic puzzlers, for some easy Golds simply hit X a few times a day.  It’s like Achievements all over again.

Via GAF.

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