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PS3 Loses Tony Hawk Ride

(Update) The exclusivity deals continue to roll in, but this time we lose one.

We were excited, but now we’re crushed: Tony Hawk Ride will no longer be released on the PS3 in the UK, as Microsoft have signed up the peripheral-based skater game for the 360.  The publishers, Activision Blizzard, have announced this morning that if you want to Ride this year, you’ll need to do in on the 360. We presume this is just a UK deal, though, as the game should still release on all formats outside of Albion.


As is usually the case with gaming, things aren’t quite as simple as they first seemed, there are now stories circulating that the deal, although probably true hasn’t actually been finalised yet. Hopefully by the time my Pot Noodle has cooled down we’ll know for sure.

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