PSP To Take Over PSN Store This Week

Whilst PS3 fans will still be catered for with the release of Turtles In Time and a few more dynamic themes [source] Sony’s fingers will be hard at work ensuring stacks of PSP content hits the store in time for the launch of the PSPgo, which, as you’ll all know, will rely on the Store for content.  A press release that landed last week suggests 225 games will be available on day one (including older stuff, UMD legacy titles and Minis), 2,300 movies and 13,300 television episodes – although they’re presumably for the US market.

Sony have also confirmed that the three big hitters, Gran Turismo, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and God of War: Chains of Olympus will be available for download from day one too, along with the titles we’ve already suggested like PixelJunk Monsters, MotorStorm and Bomberman Portable.  Of particular interest to myself are the PSP Minis, 12 of which have been confirmed for a release alongside the launch of the PSPgo, including the fantastic Fieldrunners and EA’s all conquering Tetris.  Here’s the full list: [source]

  • Hero of Sparta – Gameloft
  • AstroTripper – PomPom Games
  • Fieldrunners – Subatomic Studios
  • Funky Punch – Solus Games
  • Kahoots – Honeyslug
  • Pinball Dreaming: Dreams – Cowboy Rodeo
  • Minigore – Mountain Sheep
  • FMX – Xendex
  • Vempire – Impressionware
  • Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling – Icon Games
  • Tetris – EA
  • BreakQuest – Beatshapers

So, it’s with baited breath that we await this Thursday’s release of the brand new digital download only console, and whilst here at TSA Towers we’re still undecided on the new model, we’re sure lots of people can’t wait to get their hands on the new tech.  I’m really interested in the PSP minis, especially FieldRunners, so thank goodness they’ll run just fine on a standard PSP.