Uncharted 2 Sells 47,000 Japanese Copies In First Day

Strong sales for Drake and the PS3 in general.

Media Create have revealed that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2, out today, sold 47,000 copies in its first day of sales in Japan, selling 70% of the first batch. Sure, the low price (roughly 5,000 Yen) might have helped, but this is still fantastic figures for a Western title.

In related news, the PlayStation 3 is still on top in terms of console sales, shifting 30,896 units against the Wii’s 30,741 and the Xbox 360’s 3,326, just marginally ahead of the PS2. Across the board the DSi is still way ahead, mind, on 50,144 but the PSP is right up there with just 10,000 less than Nintendo’s portable, as Japan still waits their turn with the as yet unreleased PSPgo – it’s out November 1st.

Source: 2ch, via GAF.

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