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RIP Rockband?

Missing from the EA Report.

Yesterdays Financial Report from EA had some surprises in store which can be found here, but one notable franchise is missing – Rock Band. MCV reports that EA’s deal with Harmonix has almost reached its conclusion and during a call to investors EA was asked by Wells Fargo Securities’ analyst Jess Lubert, “Am I right in thinking you won’t release a new rock band title in fiscal 2011?”

EA COO John Schnappert replied: “Our deal with Aviacom and Harmonix continues through FY ‘11 at that time. As you can see from our modelling, we have not included a lot of revenue for distribution next year, but we continued to have talks with them and hope that maybe there’s an opportunity to continue the relationship beyond that.”

Update: MTV Games / Harmonix have been in touch.

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