New “Jaw Dropping” Game Teased

6 days to go...

Dark Energy Digital have just let us know that they’ve made their brand new teaser page for Hydrophobia live – the game is, we’re promised an “action-adventure blockbuster”, so hopes are high.

Indeed, the freshly live site contains a ticking countdown to what’s apparently a “huge announcement” and a “jaw-dropping reveal” of a game that is going to send waves through the industry.

That’s either a pun on the water theme, or this really is going to be something to watch. All we know about Hydrophobia is it’s the first game developed using Dark Energy’s revolutionary HydroEngine.

HydroEngine is “the world’s only full computational fluid dynamics engine”, Edge magazine said that the “yawn provoked by the promise of real fluid dynamics turns into a jaw-drop as torrents boil and sweep around you.”

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