Just Cause 2 Easter Eggs

We love a little Easter Egg.

Just Cause 2 seems to have a love for humour and pop culture references. It’s admirable that in a game of such scope, the developers have seen fit to include plenty of quirky little jokes to find along the way. So here’s the top ten easter eggs, with video and their location coordinates (in brackets) so you can check them out for yourselves!

Bubble Blaster (4247 x 25959)

Beached Whale (29678 x 31349)

Fake Shark (12665 x 22595)

Hot Air Balloon (7348 x 16140)

Snowman (23745 x 13662)

Island Hatch (1743 x 4363)

Hamaya Oldman (multiple locations near the casino)

Billboard vandalism (Scattered around Panau)

Race Track (9170 x 11413)

Banana Fail (21903 x 20264)

Thanks to everyone around the web that made these videos and our lovely PR contact who showed them to us.

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