Demon’s Souls Locked For Europe

Demon’s Souls, the hardcore (and rather wonderful) Japanese RPG that SCEE had no plans to publish in Europe is finally getting published in Europe.  And whilst appearances on Finnish retailer sites are one thing, seeing it get a rating by the German ratings board is another.  Figuratively and literally.

So, er, yeah, it’s coming.  I mean, really, if you gave half a poop you’d have already imported it but if you haven’t, and you’re still interested in getting your arse handed to you by one of the PS3’s toughest games, then you’ll be happy to hear that Namco are behind the European release, which has been rated a ’16’.


If you don’t know what Demon’s Souls is all about, it’s a wickedly tough mix of third person adventure and a clever dual-world mechanic which means death isn’t always the end.  Coupled with some smart online ideas (such as other players leaving you tips) it’s become a real cult hit for PS3 fans.

I played it.  I loved it.  You will too.

Thanks, Stefan1904.