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Heavy Rain Was More Explicit

Sex and "child rolling" cut at Sony's behest.

During the final stages of Heavy Rain’s development, Quantic Dream’s David Cage confirmed that some content from the best-selling game had to be excised to appease Sony’s slightly nervous demeanour. But what got axed? The obvious candidate for the self-censoring scissors would be gratuitous nudity and a trimming of the “sex scene,” but what’s also interesting to now hear is that Jaaaaason Mars’ death was also curtailed.

Note: we’re not giving anything away here; Jason dies in the first twenty minutes of the game (or thirty minutes, it depends if you can’t manage to set the table right the first time or won’t stop playing with your kids). It also starts father Ethan on his downward spiral toward madness and beardedness, so it’s a key element of the game’s set up. If, however, you haven’t played the game and would rather not know how the child dies – look away now.

Still there? Great! As you know (or don’t care about knowing) Jason eats a car bonnet after wandering off from his parents at a shopping mall. If you thought the scene was a tad tame considering the adult themes of the game, rest assured, Quantic Dream wanted to show that kid literally flying through the air doing somersaults after the car struck. Confirming that the graphicness of the harrowing death scene was toned down, Cage attests that it was quite unnerving in its original form.

“The animation wasn’t so different. In the uncensored scene, [however], after the car accident Jason started rolling on the road for a while. It was quite [a] violent scene considering that a child was involved in it.”

Regarding the game’s nudity, Cage also laments how Sony were reluctant to have Madison remove her top at the drop of a hat. He says:

“[it’s] a shame because Madison has a really great body.”

We’re with you there on that one mon ami.

Source: UPSblogit via PlayStation University


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