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Kung-Fu Live: PSEye Does Natal?

Full body motion tracking for PS3

Kung-Fu Live. Nope, me neither, so it’s handy those lovely chaps at Joystiq have had a hands on with this new PSN Eyetoy game. Using Virtual Air Guitar Company’s FreeMotion technology it promises “real-time tracking of the entire human body as well as background removal.”

Apparently this works very well, there is no lag in the image processing, the background removal feature works a treat and the game knows when other plays jump in to join the game. Sound familiar?

The game will also ‘suggest a pose’ for you at the start of each level, take a picture and insert you in a comic strip that carries the story of the game. Retailing “under $15” the game will come Facebook and YouTube integration so you can post videos of you, yes you, kicking ass.

The good news is a PSEye does not cost $130, the bad news is you are going to have be to good at Kung Fu to play the game. Get practising those leg sweeps people!

Source: Joystiq

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