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NATAL To Cost $149 - EDGE

Milo to hammer your wallet this October.

Microsoft’s revolutionary new motion controller NATAL will retail at a whopping $149 this October. At least, that’s according to one of UK publication EDGE’s “trusted sources.”

That translates into £102/€120 in real money.

The clandestine whistle-blower also claims the device will be bundled with the Arcade model for $299, that it will be officially renamed at E3 and that Microsoft are “heavily targeting” the casual market with its first set of launch games. Regarding when, a window of “sometime in October” is given.

The big news emanating from the shadows, however, has to be that mammoth price point. With Sony’s Move rumoured to cost less than $100, and analysts all agreeing that the new Waggle Wars will likely be decided on attracting early adopters, you have to think Sony are feeling quietly confident they have the upper hand in terms of the price barrier for their product.

Just to mention that we have trusted sources, too. None of them know anything about NATAL, however. Ah well.

Source: EDGE


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