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Crytek Working On PSP Game?

Crysis mobile. Mmm.

Looks like, at one point anyway, Crytek were considering a PSP game.  According to a LinkedIn profile (via SuperAnnuation) a Hungarian senior designer was beavering away on the exciting sounding “Unannounced next gen project I” as the “lead designer” for the PSP version.

There’s no other information (which is why it’s “unannounced”) but appears to be in an 8 man team, and published via EA.

The same chap worked on Crysis Warhead and another “yet to be announced console project” although it’s not clear whether this is referring to the PSP version or not.  This was all in 2009, so hopefully we’ll hear something this month at E3 – a new PSP first person shooter would be smashing.


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