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SEGA Looking At EA's Online Pass

Another publisher on board?

It would appear that SEGA is the latest company to become interested in EA’s DLC project.

Since EA introduced the ‘Ten Dollar Project’ – a scheme that grants purchasers of new copies of games a one-time download code for access to free DLC whilst charging purchasers of second hand copies for access to the same content – more and more publishers have adopted or shown interest in the system.

THQ recently introduced their own version of EA’s online pass with UFC Undisputed 2010 and Ubisoft and Take Two have also shown an interest in adopting something similar for their titles. Codemasters, Microsoft and Sony have all released games containing one-time download code for those who purchase them new.

Speaking to MCV, SEGA West president Mike Hayes stated:

It is a very clever idea and is something we are certainly taking a look at…

He hinted that SEGA are likely to introduce a similar digital revenue model at some point in the near future.

It’s a system that  has split the opinions of the gaming community but if it continues to attract the attention of publishers, at the rate it has been, it could become the ‘norm’ in the not too distant future.

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