Geo Outs PSP-4000

The last time we spoke about the mythical PSP-4000 it was about some plastic case that never really went anywhere.  The story, that is, not the case, which is probably the best case Money Can Buy.  Regardless, today the internet is awash, figuratively, with news that Japanese media retailer Geo has listed a certain PSP-4000 in amongst the year’s big hitters.


In amongst Gran Turismo 5 and the Nintendo 3DS, then, is what we think is the next generation of PSP.  Rumoured to have a touch screen, motion control and be entirely digital download based, the next generation PSP will presumably have graphics way beyond anything else, a software library from heaven and the ability to make you toast in the morning.  With eggs.

Mystic Meg was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

Source: PushSquare, via SiliconEra.



  1. Does it play games aswell?

  2. It’ll probably be another reduce the costs exercise like most PS3 minor iterations. Substantial price drop on the way maybe?

  3. better graphics?

    i very much doubt that, Peace walker was pushing the psps limit graphically, cant see they they can do much more.

    • Uh, what? They’ll, y’know, make it better… Thats like saying the PS2 can’t have better graphics, the PS1 is maxed out!

      • PSP 4000 is most likely a rehash of the original PSP, a la 2000 and 3000. it won’t be superior to any other PSP, although it might process faster, etc. Superior graphics will come in on PSP2, which will be the real next-generation PSP.

    • There could be a better processor / graphics chip / more memory…

  4. If they’re just pushing it up another 1000, that makes it seem unlikely that it will be the PSP2 with all the extra features.

  5. “the year’s big hitters…Nintendo 3DS”

    Except Nintendo have confirmed the 3DS as coming next year? Don’t think much of this list.

    • If you look at the list it doesn’t actually state 2010 for the 3DS, or the PSP-4000 for that matter.

      Looks like another slight change for the current PSP then, rather than a whole new one.

  6. It sounds like a continuation of 1000,2000,3000 hardware. PSPGo has a different model name so i would expect a ‘PSP2’ to have a different model name also.

  7. Surely if it’s labelled PSP-4000 the disappointment could be that it’s just another iteration of the existing PSP…

  8. If its going to be downloadable games only, they need to sort out the store prices. that’s the only reason I haven’t bought peace walker for my go… :(

    • You’re missing out. Well worth the £31.99 on the store, even if it is half that on UMD. It’s an incredibly huge and shekshy game.

      • I got 20 quid on the store, maybe one day….

  9. Is this the first time nobody has started crying for 2 analog sticks on an article like this?

    • Not anymore!! i want/need 2 analog sticks ;-)

  10. I’m sold if it uses only high-quality eggs from black hens.

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