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DeathSpank 2 Announced

Not a typo, there really is another one coming next month.

Surprising more than a few of us with its timing, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, a sequel to last month’s enjoyable orphan-assisting Deathspank, has been announced. The unexpected digital follow-up has a release date of September 21st on the PSN (in the US), with XBL getting more spankage the next day.

Part two will see the titular chisel-chinned hero take to the sea as a pirate, as well as the frosty climes of what we can only assume to be what passes as the North Pole in DeathSpank land. The fast-quipping buffoon will also extend his projectile abilities with guns now added to an already jampacked armoury.

The press release reveals the game’s plot:

“A long time ago, nine mystical thongs were planned to bring balance and harmony to the universe, but when marketing got in the way, only six thongs were produced, and the result was disastrous. Granting great power to those who wear them, the thongs corrupted all those they touched—except DeathSpank. DeathSpank must find all six thongs and destroy them once and for all.”

If you think it’s a little soon for a new DeathSpank, apparently both the original and its sequel were in development simultaneously. The follow-up also promises to be 50% longer, a quality we’re not bemoaning, especially considering we found the first game sufficiently long for the price of admission.

Finally, there’s some confusion as to just how much (if at all) Ron Gilbert is involved with this sequel, especially considering the game designer and writer is no longer working with developer Hothead. Some sources are saying yes, others not so much. We’ll continue to look into it. Regardless, we’re looking forward to another tale brimming with poop and puns next month when DeathSpank 2 arrives.

Source: Kotaku

  1. Alex_Assassin_08
    Since: Feb 2009


    have these guys learnt their development cycles off Activision?

    Comment posted on 24/08/2010 at 12:52.
    • Alex_Assassin_08
      Since: Feb 2009

      Jokes aside, this is brilliant news. The advantages of small, internet games continue!

      Comment posted on 24/08/2010 at 12:53.

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