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Stranger’s Wrath Model Comparison

If you’re in any way like us, the incessant march of technology is an area both interesting and sometimes absolutely mind-blowing. One increasingly familiar practice in this generation of gaming is the transformation of games of yesteryear into spruced up HD versions. God of War, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, not to mention all those other rumoured re-imaginings, it seems a whole new genre has been birthed. It’s a welcome phenomenon as, not only does it allow us to replay (or sometimes play for the first time) games that have come and gone, but the process enables us to witness in real terms just, in literally a few short years, how far gaming has come from a technological perspective.

Oddworld’s Stranger’s Wrath is another such restoration endeavour. Taking a game that is but a few years old that may have been missed by today’s HD obsessed gamers and giving the old coot a dramatic make-over, in the hands of our friends over at Just Add Water Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath is looking like a wonderful contemporary update to a great Xbox game.

In terms of how Stranger will look in the new version, check out these comparison shots of Old Stranger, initially decked out in his state-of-the-art (for the time) 3,000 polygons from his Xbox days, then the upcoming PS3 version (a dashing and crisp 20,000 polygons rendition), and, just for good measure, how the bounty hunter looks in the CGI portions of the game – coming home at a whopping 529,000 polygons.

If you’re looking for even bigger and more detailed versions of the images, head over to Just Add Water and take a look.

Source: JAWLTD


  1. I’m so chuffed that they actually seem to follow this through, awesome news!
    PS3 remakes of the other Oddworld games would be fantastic as well, of course… *ahem*

  2. I have to say I find this game such an odd choice (pun not intended) to receive the remake treatment.

    I’m probably just biased by the fact that it turned out to be my least Oddworld game by far, as I thought at the time that beneath the cute graphical wackiness it was a pretty ordinary shooter… that’s now coming to a world even more saturated with shooters.

    I don’t think Stranger’s Wrath did particularly well either, although a quick search isn’t providing me with any data to back this. According to the wikipedia, it came to receive a number of accolades, but all on the graphics/animation category.

    In any case, all I mean is that, if you ask people to name ten games from the last generation that they would like to see remade, I don’t think many would even remember this one.

    • I think some remakes are an odd choice.
      Take Sly Cooper, i would say R&C are the most popular, followed by J&D, however, they decide to remake Sly. :S

    • It does give people a chance to try the less well known but lauded games, I have never played a lot of the HD classics coming out so am looking forward to trying them, whereas if they released a load of games I had played already I wouldn’t have bothered getting them, GOW for example!

  3. never played oddworld, am i missing out??

    • Not really

    • I thought they were great games, a really interesting and quite horrible little world! It would be worth grabbing Abe’s Odyssey from the PSN and seeing if you enjoy it.

      • im playing through abes odyssey atm, its aged considerabley better than alot of playstation titles. having alot of fun with it even though it is quite punishing checkpoint wise.

    • Yeah its a brilliant game, one of my favourites of the last generation.

  4. The character was very well modelled back on the Xbox (as you can see) and for me, the real changes are the quality and levels of texture/bump/deformation mapping, etc. Especially in his poncho.

  5. that just looks WICKED! =D

  6. I love being able to see how the advancement in tech makes todays experiences so much more. Is scary at times how quick the advancements are though..

    • I know what you mean, its truly staggering how far and how fast technology has come.

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