GT5 Discs “Being Stamped As We Speak”

Motoring website ‘Jalopnik’ has managed to grab a few words with Kazunori Yamauchi, the father of Gran Turismo, and it seems he has a few words to say about GT5 that may make fans sigh in relief:

“The discs are being stamped as we speak.”

If this is true then it means any issues that were holding the game back will have been resolved.  Either that or the discs are blank and the game will be getting a 25GB patch further down the line.  Come on Sony, give us a release date.

Source: Jalopnik



  1. My fingers are white, they’re crossed so hard.

    • Mine too.

      Please don’t GT5 become the next Duke Nukem Forever, which it seems to be already. Ironically, DNF also means ‘did not finish’ in racing games.

  2. Probably meant a HD unscaled GT4 is being stamped because GT5 is being delayed another year.

  3. It’s finally actually happening. My god.

    • Don’t hold your breath. They’ve been stamped with Spring 2011.

  4. So we will be getting this year? or next year. And noone tell kaz that the grass is too green or we will never see it. :P

    • id hope so! i still think they delayed it to avoid COD and to get it slighty closer to xmas to boost ps3 sales. it will come out in the first to weeks of December i think. still need to get my wheel setup ordered!

      • G25 or G27 with a race stand pro?

      • I love my G25, but is slightly noisy with the force feedback. I believe they fixed this in the G27.

      • im undecided…im not sure if im going to play the game in full manual, or will i just use tiptronic… i might just get the clutch less set up and see how i get on

  5. Release date. NOW!

  6. i’m still not sure…will it release this year? game uk gives 2011 as the games release date….and take a look at the link…

    • May well miss this year. They might be stamped, but they haven’t been shipped yet :oD call me MR KILLJOY!

    • There’s still two months left on the clock. I’d be surprised if that happened.

    • December is already dull…. besides Sonic Colours and the horror that is christmas

  7. That’s all well and good. Now where’s the release date announcement, huh?

    HUH? Where is it?

  8. i am begging god the they will tell a release date tomorrow.

    • An announcement any time this week would do.

    • probably see a release date in the next couple of weeks

  9. come out so i can have it for christmas! good news though, the situations improving

  10. its simple

    miss xmas and gt5 will become a fail
    launch before xmas and gt5 will become the world’s greatest game

    • I wish that were true as it would force their hand. Sadly it is not. GT5 will sell by the truckload no matter when they release it. They might miss a few sales for the kids who only get games for Christmas but that’s a drop in the ocean. The only real loss will be console bundles.

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