THQ Stock Price Drops 26%

Varied Homefront review scores to blame.

On the back of mixed review scores for their recently released COD-contender, Homefront, THQ’s stock-price slipped a mammoth 26% yesterday. Ratings have been like scattershot Korean missiles, with some outlets liking Homefront’s narrative-drive single-player campaign to Half-Life 2, with corresponding lofty scores at the higher end of the scale. Other publications/sites like EDGE and Destructoid, however, have stamped a disappointing 5/10 on the speculative fiction FPS.

Early reviews – which appeared under a cloud of confusion regarding when the Homefront review embargo actually ended – were more positive, resulting in a 7% rise in share-price on Monday. This ephemeral gain has now evaporated. As we reported recently, THQ’s Danny Bilson statement that the new IP must sell two million units before seeing a profit in conjunction with the game’s erratic reception may have contributed to what some are referring to as panic-selling on the stock-market.

It’s a blow to the publisher, with other titles such as uDraw and de Blob 2 (reviewed here) also failing to meet their respective sales targets.

TheSixthAxis’ review of Homefront will be live shortly.



  1. And people claim reviews don’t count… :/

    • And you wonder why rumours of people being ‘persuaded’ to score games highly..

  2. that logo, what was wrong with the previous one???

    • They wanted a logo that looked more like a stylised table and chair with a big red worm hanging its head in shame. Nothing wrong with that….

      • You just won the internet, simplebob.

      • The worm was standing tall and proud before the Homefront reviews started appearing!

  3. A shame, I always liked THQ. Love anything Volition does.

  4. That’s a real shame. I’ll wait for the TSA review though. Someone said the SP campaign was only 5 hours long, which would be a nail in the coffin for me as I’m not that interested in compet. online play.

    • I love short games. When you have a backlog of about 100 titles, short games are like heady trysts at the back of the bike-shed. Quick, exciting, illicit.

      • Short campaigns tend to scare me off when it comes down to purchasing games during the first few weeks. When the price is right I usually don’t mind as much.

  5. That is a shame. I will probably eventually pick this up but was never going to get it on release.

  6. Bah! picking this up on Friday anyways!

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