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Factories Prepping for 2012 PS4 Launch?

According to an often reliable industry source, Digitimes, there are plans afoot to launch a new console in the PlayStation range. The rumour, and we have to stress that this is way too early to receive any kind of confirmation from official sources, hinges on the Taiwanese factories that make components for Sony’s consoles.

It seems that these factories (Foxconn and Pegatron) are preparing to swing into production with the expectation of shipping at least 20 million units in 2012. That’s far earlier than we expected and many more units than a limited output of developer units would require. That’s retail figures. We would assume that, if that’s the case, first party developers would already have prototypes in order to begin their launch and early-release development but we haven’t heard anything of that nature from any of our own sources just yet.

The report also makes mention of full body motion controls similar to Kinect.

So what do you think? Are you ready for Sony’s next console or do you think it’s too early and the PlayStation 3 still has a bit of room to grow?

Source: Digitimes, thanks Nikita


  1. Way too early in my opinion. I think at least another 2-3 years on top of that, around 2015 would be the best bet…

    • xmas 2012 wouldn’t be so bad. i don’t want a ps4 yet either but it’s not as if all support for the ps3 would drop straight away.

    • 2015 is a little long, maybe xmas 2013… the fact that it wasn’t at E3 makes me think its just a factory outputting a huge batch of PS3 with a PSPeye2 bundle.

      If a PS4 was getting release next year, the hype train would of already left the station

      • If it did come out next year, I wouldn’t be getting it within the first month of launch.

    • It’s needed in my opinion… My current gaming pc which costed me £500 last year makes the ps3 graphics look like a ps2 game. Honestly I ain’t kidding, Lack of AA on the PS3 is now a real game breaker for me!

  2. Way too early, we don’t need the PS4 yet!

    • I’m thinking (as just a wild stab in the dark) that it could be a new Slim? They usually have just one, but with a longer generation, why not two?

      • 20 million units would be far too many for that. Couple of million, max, would probably be too many for that.

  3. 2012 is a tad too early, Nov 2013 USA/Japan, 2014 Europe, would be the ideal launch time in my opinion

    • I agree with those dates of release completely. However, I don’t buy consoles straight away so being out earlier will mean I buy the PS4 in something like 2014 and hopefully there will be a great starter catalogue of games by then as well.

      • Agreed to early & I too wait about 1yr after release. PS3 was reduced by £100, a yr after release, if i remember correctly. 2013 would be spot on for me, I just hope they have backwards compatibility, like my beloved phat.

  4. I would not buy a PS4 if it were to launch next year unless it was particularly well priced and particularly something special. What could it offer that the PS3 couldn’t?

    • It could offer cross gamer chat! Only messing…

  5. You are correct, a new console in the playstation range.


    • I would have thought VITA too, but kinect-like motion controls? Finger swiping doesn’t count surely!? hehe

      • Not full body, but Sony revealed that the front camera can do motion controls last week, and recognise things like facial expressions right down to how you cock your eyebrow.
        So you’d be surprised…

      • What about the sixth axis built in to it?
        might count for something :)

    • With you on this one, fattyuk. Sounds like Vita manufacture getting up to speed (full body motion controls although that’s been addressed too).

      Re: PS3/360
      I’m convinced that Sony are wanting to draw out the life-cycle (along with MS) as the developmental costs are higher than that of the last generation so there needs to be more time to recoup the initial investment.

      • Would the dev costs be higher?

        Surely it’s just a case of adding more cores & more RAM, something which Moores Laws tells us won’t be any dearer

        All the research and hardwork has been done in the PS3… and FFS speed the BD Drive up, installs &/or lengthy loading screens should be a thing of the past.

        And for people saying too soon and the PS3 has a 10 year lifecycle (I kind of agree, but to play devils advocate) but the PS2 saw half its 10 year+ life-cycle in the shadow of the PS3, what makes the PS3 so special that it won’t be in the PS4’s shadow for the 2nd half of its lifespan?

      • 2 Cell CPU’s
        Multi Core graphics chip
        1GB XDR RAM – shared between Cell and Gpu as its faster than video memory anyway…

        Not sure about the graphics chip, they could go for a quad core like vita (but obviously at a higher clock), or a single chip with many bells and whistles….

        Complete specaltion mind you but this should easily be able to be sold under £300.

      • If I was sony I’d make the PS4 a 16 core CPU and 12-24gb ram with a dual core GPU with 2gb video memory… This would only cost them roughly £400 to manufacture and sell it at £450. After all these specs would only match a current high end pc which is costing 2k!

        The average gaming PC which is £500 can outperform a PS3 by a huge margin. The speed at which the PC hardware market is growing at is phenomenal!

      • Every ~2years you can have double the processing power whilst maintaining the same pricepoint as far as chips are concerned so that’s CPU & GPU, other aspects of the system may not conform to this law (and will throttle some of those gains), but as far as raw grunt goes… a chip twice as powerful as the Cell & the RSX was possible at the same pricepoint in November of 2008 (two years after the PS3 shipped) and then one twice as powerful as even that in 2010

        In 2007 & then again in 2009 Uncharted closed the gap between what was possible on consoles Vs PC, however I’ve seen nothing in Uncharted3 for 2011 (impressive though it is) that comes close to DX11 PC games on Ultra settings (which also run at over 4 times the resolution & twice the frame rate as Uncharted3).

        A new generation is not only possible, but is also needed. whether the global recession & people’s lighter than ever wallets can justify the purchase of a new console is another thing altogether, but IMO if there’s not one on the shelves by 2013, core console gamers could start to migrate en-masse to PC because the performance gap is only going to get ever wider now, most people I associate with online have already dabbed their tow in the water with cheap high end PCs – this could spin out from us early adopting geeks to mainstream.

    • Exactly, they could be making components for any Sony product really. I doubt they even know what their for. It could just be a new PS camera.

      • I think Foxconn assemble the units so they assuredly /would/ know what they were assembling.
        I agree though, it might be a failure in the translation and this is actually for PSVita stuff, although even so, 20 million sounds awfully optimistic. Perhaps it is the new PS3 model?

  6. Cant be true. Also dont believe they will get rid of Move & go down the kinect route

    • Imagine how accurate the Move could be with a 3D camera…

      • Very, there will have to be no guessing done by calculations, should reduce lag too!

    • i would hope there is a crossover for the peripherals, as said move with Kinect would seem like the best option for me. Plus i would be pissed at spending £150 at move launch to be ditched now

  7. Far too early, feels like the PS3 has only just got started and I would like to see a lot more move support before they move on(no pun intended) to develop new technologies. Its beginning to feel like the eye toy all over again,abandoned.

  8. Way to early in my opinion. I wouldn’t purchase one unless it had something spectacular with it, other than better graphics and all that.

  9. I was wondering if it could be the Vita too…

    Personally I am ready for a PS4 as i think this gen has probably hit its zenith. Tesselation (see dx11 demos) is the future along with more RAM!

    • I hope the PS4 can do Anti-Aliasing too

      • yep, AA without crippling performance. Full backwards compatibility is an absolute must too.

      • At 1080p, 60fps.


    • @ Jaffa, i’ve seen those tessellation demo’s but I can’t tell wht they actually do, it just seems like evrything gets bigger…

  10. Hope it’s not true, IMO PS3 has just hit it’s stride, there’s been some corking games this year and some excellent looking titles still to come.

    Plus I fail to see a reason behind the move towards motion control, games on pads just play better

    • Games on pads play better, but interactive fitness games sell better (arguably)! See Zumba fitness (or whatever it is called)

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