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Call Of Duty Elite Trailers Released

Call Of Duty: Elite, the online service designed to enhance the multiplayer experience of Call Of Duty, goes into a beta today as the first small wave of invites goes out to Xbox 360 users, with the PS3 beta to follow shortly.

Activision’s Beachhead studio, the development team behind Elite, have launched the second of the trailers promoting the largely free service, which enables extremely advanced stat tracking, a whole bunch of social network features, the ability to compete in tournaments for real cash prizes and a whole host of Intel on your game time designed to help you improve as a player, amongst many other things yet to be revealed.

The videos below are all shot in Black Ops’ theatre mode, which I thought was pretty impressive although they do highlight the need for Modern Warfare 3’s more advanced character models, which you’ll see a glimpse of at the end of the first video.

If these videos have whetted your appetite for Elite, you can see an extensive 30 minute developer preview over on the Activision community manager’s blog where the service is demoed in detail.



  1. Can’t watch the vids as I’m on my phone, but either way, I think Elite will be a worthwhile for me, just waiting for the price to be announced. Really hope I get into the beta though.

    • The majority of it’s free anyway, but I think you’ll get good value out of the premium enhancements to

  2. Looks cool. I especially like the calculation aspect. What happens when some idiot figures out how to hack b.ops, mw3 etc & your ingame stats, stop recording. In mw2 my kills have ceased to register & only my score updates. Obviously they are aware of this, but how hacker proof, can a game be?

    • IW says Demonware are aware of the server problems, yet no one is doing anything. I have 91K kills (and only 40K deaths :)) and since it’s not updating it won’t show if/when I reach 100K, only in the Barracks :(

      My fear with a lot of games now is the hacking. Although Treyarch banned hacker etc, the hacks still happened before they were banned.

      • When did this issue occur?

      • *For me, after latest mw2 patch, to stop hacked lobbies.* I’d stayed clear of mw2 for months, to avoid stat issues & auto prestiging. Luckily my levelling has remained legit, but my k/d, which i’d been proud of & careful with for 2yrs, made insignificant & incorrect. I’m all about stats & levelling up, it’s what keeps me going back. Yes enjoyment of playing, but without stats, levelling & unlocks, i’d tire of any game quickly.

      • Unfortuately Robert Bowling ignores any Twitter questions regarding the proposed MW2 patch (a further patch from 1.12 since the XBox patch in May, which had further improvements). Doubt we’ll ever get it which is a real shame. I still love this game but hate the lack of support.

      • tbh, i’d prefer time was spent, making sure this doesn’t happen again, ever. In a few months time mw2, will be in my collection for nostalgic purposes & i’ll revisit it in years to come, as I do with mw1, once in a blue moon.
        (bit of this gen retro:)

      • Or is it a sign that IW will ignore their MW3 community when problems occur for MW3? I do understand putting their resources into MW3, but would it take too much time to say “we’re not going to continue to support MW2 with any further patches now”. To not say anything when they said 4 months ago the PS3 would get another patch is pretty harsh. Although BO came out this is still the most current MW game, and was the biggest media release EVER at the time, so should still get some support in my eyes.

      • ….at least until MW3 is released.

      • I only wish splash damage, gave half as much support. Brink advertised, as online being where the game shined. Matchmaking broken, should be illegal to sell a product in this state, let alone release it & not fix it. Lastnights meet, lost 30min due to lag. (wandered off topic, apologies.)

      • “Or is it a sign that IW will ignore their MW3 community when problems occur for MW3?” I’d think with cod elite surfacing, adding a substantial fincial interest to the table, i’d doubt it. Glitchers hired for mw3, i’d be hiring hackers also. They may well be doing this, but keeping it away from public knowledge.

      • I see what you mean about Brink, but IW/Activision are in a different league, and MW2 was the biggest media release ever! I hope you’re right about MW3 but I feel reluctant to give them my cash when I feel they definately could value their customers a little more where MW2 is concerned. Oh well, what can you do!

      • Competition with BF3 will keep them ‘honest’ the reverse is also true

      • But shouldn’t they be honest now, and maintain the customers they already have, and to prevent losing customers? I guess I’d just like to think if I was representing IW I would respond to the community, I’m a man of morals and ethics! :)

      • Have you tried Activision community manager? OneOfSwords… far more likely to respond than a Creative Strategist.

        Loads of games don’t get updated, after release. MW2 has had loads of updates, yes it needs at least one more, but it’s not like it’s not been updated… Some publishers are even shutting servers off of games released at a similar time, nevermind just slowing down with the updates.

      • No I haven’t tried – kind of given up. At risk of sounding like a broken record it was/is such a big game, and since it was hacked so badly (although probably a victim of it’s own success unfortunately) can it be compared to other games which aren’t being supported? There were 140K people online Wednesday night on PS3 alone, (on a week day!!), and I suspect people like Codemasters closed the GRID servers as there isn’t nearly that much traffic? Mind you (think I said before) I would accept it if they said it was not going to be supported but the last update said there was going to be a further patch. It’s just a shame

      • Have Tweeted OneOfSwords. See, I’m not someone who moans and attempts to do nothing to help! :)

        Have followed the IW forums religiously and nothing for ages. Hell, they don’t even update their website often at all.

    • idiot – edit – obviously clever(ish.) Someone with no respect for the gaming community & industry.

  3. Does look really impressive as I hadnt looked into Elite thus far. But e8 does raise a fair question, surely this will come under huge scrutiny form “those types”?

  4. Is Battlefield 3 going to have an online pass? I don’t know how well people will take to the massive amount of them in games ending this year but I feel that if Battlefield 3 wants to muscle out Call of Duty then it needs to get rid of this inconvenience as COD will apparently never have online pass.

  5. Loving Karl, especially the headkerchief bit.

  6. Sorry, not too bothered about Elite, but these videos are freaking hilarious! That guy could give Kevin Butler a run for his money!

    • Brilliant aren’t they, theatre modes are great additions. Should be even better with MW3’s character models

  7. from what i can tell from these vidoes is that elites for really weird maniacs

    • ,or people who like a bit of extra depth, challenge & competitiveness, to their gaming/hobby.

  8. Only thing I liked about this video was Karl

  9. A Pony?

  10. no pony no deal.

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