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Epic Dismisses Bulletstorm Commercial Failure

Will continue to work with People Can Fly.

President of Epic Games, Mike Capps has openly acknowledged that over-the-top first person shooter Bulletstorm “didn’t make money.”  Despite wowing critics with its combination of bullet surgery and points-whoring, TSA giving Bulletstorm a very respectable 8 out of 10, it was reported that the game had barely managed to scrape past 300,000 units sold within a month of release.

This hasn’t phased Epic Games however as Capps explains; it was a much more beneficial decision to assign Polish-based developer, People Can Fly, on creating a new IP instead of forcing the studio to support Gears of War 3 with additional content. “The studio has shipped AAA content,” he said, “the next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great.”

As we all know, Bullestorm isn’t the only title which failed to draw in consumers despite critical success, as we explained at length earlier this week.

Source: Kotaku


  1. Jones81
    Since: Mar 2010

    Bulletstorm was good so this news is crazy, there literally is no hope for anything unless it’s a sequel, casual shite, fifa or cod. These are dark days we’re heading into my friends

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 19:26.
    • DJ Judas
      Since: Aug 2008

      Indeed, I can think of new IP such as Dead Space that have done well, but they have excellent advertising money behind them rather than just industry coverage.

      Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 19:54.
    • quinkill
      Since: Oct 2010

      I agree. I really enjoyed Bulletstorm and saw it as a breath of fresh air compared with other FPS’s. Here’s hoping they keep their next IP just as innovative.

      Comment posted on 24/07/2011 at 15:28.
  2. david24
    Since: Feb 2011

    Wow 300,000 is a lot less then I’d expected. Killzone 3 must of really killed the sales.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 19:33.
    • Erroneus
      Wanted "Trophy Hunter" but was too late.
      Since: May 2009

      It did get past 1 million in total, but that’s still pretty disappointing for a game getting that much attention and being bundled with a GoW3 beta invite on the 360 version.

      Personally I’m not surprised, it felt like a game which should have been on XBL or PSN. While it was unique, it just didn’t had enough content to justify full retail price imo.

      Comment posted on 24/07/2011 at 11:52.
  3. colossalblue
    Team TSA: Editor
    Since: Forever

    Good stuff from Epic, there. Stick with them, the game was really good, but for some clumsy writing. The sequel will sell better ;)

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 19:55.
  4. Rocket_345
    Since: May 2010

    Great game. Just finished it myself Wednesday. Big mistake releasing the same time as KZ3 imo.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 19:59.
    • Sympozium
      Since: Aug 2009

      Well its Multi-Platform, it likely would’ve sold more on the 360. Who knows, heh I’d though it’ll challenge Killzone 3.

      Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 20:08.
      • Rocket_345
        Since: May 2010

        I thought the same if i’m honest. I thought that it would be able to give Killzone a run for it’s money especially on the 360 with the included Gears beta. If it was released a bit later though i think it would of done better.

        Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 22:42.
  5. tonycawley
    Pint! Pint!
    Since: Feb 2009

    Ps3 magazine said its the best Fps on ps3. Sounds a bit ott to me but I haven’t played it.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 20:06.
  6. Sympozium
    Since: Aug 2009

    Eh hopefully this leads to a new unreal game, Bulletstorm never really appealed to me nor Killzone.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 20:09.
  7. Darksidesystems
    Since: Aug 2010

    I was put off by the skill kills thing. Once I’d done the shot once I honestly couldn’t be bothered with it again. I found myself just shooting enemies in the head to move the story along. As for the echos mode, dint get me started… I did, however, like the song about the dinosaur

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 20:14.
  8. gazzagb
    Master of speling mitakse
    Since: Feb 2009

    Played the demo, thought it was ruined by the cheesy ‘skill kills’ thingy. Could of been great, they just needed to make it so people could at least take it seriously.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 20:47.
    • Mike
      Since: Oct 2008

      That’s really the whole point of the game though. It doesn’t take itself seriously and takes the piss out of its own genre. It’s something a bit different and the skill kills added to the game imo

      Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 23:58.
  9. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    I’m surprised at the low sales figures as i played the demo once and thought it was pretty good fun, but the idea of playing a full game like that just didn’t appeal to me.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 21:10.
    • Smallville2106
      Since: Feb 2011

      Maybe lots of people thought the same. Personally I didn’t like the game.

      Comment posted on 24/07/2011 at 01:36.
  10. BIGAL-1992
    Since: Jan 2009

    That’s a shame it didn’t sell well. Bulletstorm was the first FPS in a long time that I had fun playing, and the skillshots were quite inventive as well.

    Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 21:51.
    • KeRaSh
      Since: Nov 2009

      I’m with you on that one. It felt fresh and People Can Fly is a studio that knows what it’s doing so the fact that they stay in business with Epic is good news.

      Comment posted on 23/07/2011 at 22:57.

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