Home Being Remodelled and Relaunched

PlayStation Home has a kind of duality about it. Certain members of the “PlayStation nation” love the place and regularly spend hours in there. Many people simply don’t understand it, never visit it and have no interest in it whatsoever.

It’s a difficult situation for Sony, who have failed to deliver on many of the promising features they suggested Home could be capable of while occasionally providing extremely interesting experiences that nobody assumed Home would provide.

So, what’s the company to do? They’re intending a huge overhaul of the service, which has been in open beta now for almost three years. The overhaul will see the online meeting space and casual game emporium turned into a kind of social gaming hub.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Jack Buser, Home’s director, has outlined their plans for the services future.

We are going to ‘up level’ games as the heart of PlayStation Home. This means that Home itself is going to become a game. The first things you see when you get into Home are games.

The newly designed service will launch in the Autumn and will include a focus on the hardcore gamers who wish to share their love of gaming. According to VentureBeat, who have been shown the service, the new hub will be a kind of large scale social game in itself as well as allowing access to user generated content, socialising, shopping and viewing.

The new hub will also allow users to teleport into a number of genre-themes areas which allow for socialising in areas more closely linked to a user’s favourite genre. For example, there’s a gritty urban setting for action game lovers, a sports area with scores and highlights and a jungle-themed “adventure” area.

Source: VentureBeat


  1. Haven’t been on Home in a long, long time. I used to go on occasionally to have a look at the movie trailers in the cinema or to have a look at new spaces, but its been at least 18 months since I’ve been on it.

    Only time I ever used it daily was when the Xi game was running in it.

    • Xi worked really well… that’s the kind of thing that Sony need to do for Home – but I’m guessing it would need to be a subscription service to keep up that level of interactivity.

      I think that Xi is probably THE best gaming experience that I’ve had on the PS3… such a shame that Home has just been left dwindling ever since.

      • Yeah, really enjoyed Xi myself. Was great while it lasted :)

  2. user generated content?
    weren’t we promised that first time around?
    will they restrict that part to the usa again?

    i’d be happy if they finally delivered that trophy room.

    what home really needs though is more integration with the games.
    so we can launch a match or level or whatever from within home and then when it’s over we can choose to return, or stay in the game and keep playing.

    and sony really need to give developers the tools to access our avatars so they can use them in games.
    that’s worked pretty well on the wii and 360.
    and if the devs create clothing for our avatars then in theory they could also be used in home.
    and maybe you could wear the clothing you bought in home in the games.
    i bet that would increase sales in home.

    just imagine if you could import your home avatar into uncharted 3 and and use it for the multiplayer.

    • Hopefully this new focus on ‘hardcore’ gamers will make Home more appealing. Especially if it can be used as a lobby to organise teams for multiplayer. It would be fun for the TSA meets for example.

      I love the idea about using home avatars in multiplayer games. That would be amazing :-)

    • What ia this trophy room I keep seeing people post a about?

      I dont mind home will be interesting to see what they rustle up!

  3. i was thinking the other day that a trophy set would do wonders for home.

  4. Spend 1 hour in HOME & get a Trophy
    Go to LBP HOME space & play a game & get a Trophy etc etc. . .

    That would boost people visiting HOME & just keep adding new Trophies each month. . .here is another one –

    Chat-up a pretty girl in HOME & later find out she is really a man & get a Trophy for that to. . . :D

    • and get a platinum for finding a real woman, and not following her round like a lost puppy.

    • Only until they get all the trophies, then people would abandon Home again.

  5. Each time I’ve tried Home I’ve been confronted with those long load times, downloaded A few areas which are well defined but not really as good as, say, any game at all, then wandered up to a few non communicative people before giving up. Any revamp needs a few killer apps on launch day to spark peoples interests.

  6. has it really been nearly three years though?
    it never seems that long looking back.

    • it went fully open around Xmas 2008. I got into the widening beta at the start of November, if memory serves.

  7. I think that home has a lot of entertaining free games, the trailers in the cinema are pretty cool as well. I only go there when I don’t have an actual game to play, and with all the good releases recently that means I haven’t been there in a while!

    I’d use it more if there were more spaces that were integrated with game launching for multiplayer – you could get a group of friends together before the game for a chat, launch the game etc. and then when you quit the game you could drop back into home. I think the only space that comes close to this is the Warhawk space in the US home but I could be wrong.

  8. Just the trophy room coming into existence would be good, it wold be fantastic if you could launch a game from Home and join the people you were chatting with. Sony really needs to intergrate Home more with gaming to catch some of the hardcore crowd.

  9. As Home is free i don’t know if we’ll actually see trophies, perhaps if you have bought a game that’s related to a space in Home you could play a mini-game in that space to win a Home trophy. But then Home’s trophy list would never be finalised as there would always be new games releasing.

  10. So does this mean we’ll see it out of beta?

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