Resistance 3 Day One Patch Is Big. And Early.

[videoyoutube]Resistance 3 is out pretty soon, and the promised ‘day one’ patch for the game, which will obviously await your time and attention if you’re picking up the game next week, is now out for anyone that has the game early – or, like us, is battling their way through it for review.

It’s a whopper, though – 656MB for the European version of the patch, which is currently crawling through my rather rural connection just now.


That’s in addition to the game’s install, which takes considerably longer than the introductory video sequence (which is lovely, mind) is supposed to mask.

Quite what a patch of that size is actually updating is anyone’s guess, if we get a changelog on boot we’ll update this post but it was previously just a rather vague ‘updates and tweaks’ and is presumably just fixes to the multiplayer based on beta feedback.

The game’s pretty good though, especially for fans of the series – our full review will follow next week, but in the meantime you can read our hands on with the game’s opening section here and our  interview with the developers here.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an update bar to watch.



  1. Heaven help the people who cannot get online to update.

    They shoul have delayed the launch until it was ready.

    • People who can’t get online to update aren’t affected, since it’s a patch purely for the online component of the game.

  2. Yikes.
    I presume it’s for the beta updates- why on Earth wasn’t that earlier?! I know, marketing, but still… They have demos for that.
    I doubt they’re fixing the main game at this late stage, so I would have to say it’s a multiplayer patch.
    It had better be, for those with no internet connection, anyway.

    • “I presume it’s for the beta updates- why on Earth wasn’t that earlier?!”
      10000% this! Why have a thorough beta test of your multiplayer component (which is argueably what will convince people to buy this game rather than rent it) just a few weeks before the final release, giving you almost no time to address problems that players find?? Killzone 3 did the exact same thing and that was a shoddy mess on day-of-release too. It’s one of my favourite online shooters now its been patched, but I can’t help but think it would have got to that stage straight away if the beta had been released a few months before release (Gears3, Uncharted3 for example)

  3. Do you really think the game is that good. I know its the unfinished product but the Beta was dire. It felt like a massive step back. Contols feel sluggish and unresponsive and graphics havent moved on. I really enjoyed the 2 previous games and will buy this for the campaign. But online is some way off. It will lose most online players in Novemeber if it doesnt improve.

    Hope the patch makes big changes to online.

    • graphics might be less good due to the fact it is downloadable and therefore worse…?

    • Yeh the beta sucked. When you panned or turned, everything felt slow, blurry and slugish, Had to go back to the smoothness of MW2 as it was hurting my head lol.

      • Agreed.
        I have been really looking forward to it, especially as I am hooked on Global Resistance and all it’s tasty R3 unlocks! The beta didn’t make me want to go and buy it day one…at all.

      • Scratch that, been plying Team Deathmatch for last few hours…loving it lol

    • I thought the beta was superb, really liked the intense gunbattles and althought the graphics were sub HD i thought they really looked really vibrant and detailed.

      All in all i thought the multiplayer was a vast improvement on resistance 2.

      Regardless il be getting this for the single player as having just recently purchased resistance 1 and 2 and played them through im quite into the story so looking forward to see how the 3rd instalment pans out.

      Seen no reviews yet but every preview is very positive so im guessing it will at least be a 8/10 game

  4. It would be good if they put patches like this on the Playstation Store so if your thinking about getting the game you can download it before release. Just a thought.

    • It would be, but they don’t even pre-patch downloadable titles.
      This is probably way beyond them at this stage…

  5. I miss the PS1 & PS2 days :-( When i just bought a game from a shop & played it without f**king about. I still LOVE the PS3 tho;)

    • Absolutely agree.

    • nobody tried to ram DLC down your throat either..

      • He’s talking about the annoyance of shipping games unfinished and then patching them early on, rather than DLC. I believe.

      • Its gaming evolving. Its a good thing if u ask me. At least they dont ship a eternally broken game. Im all for patches and dlc and all the other trimming that come with it.

      • I believe he was trying to add to the point rather then missing it cc_star.

    • No codes <3 and locked content where by skill or what you achieved..aah those were the days.

      Shame its rare now.

      • Unlockable by skill and then dlc to unlock for the unskilled is a common thing though. What would be cool would be was if the bought unlock was somehow marked. EG for a racer that awsome car gets a “Cheater” bumper sticker until it’s really unlocked through skill.

      • The last guys who marked certain people were the Germans, and we all know how that turned out…
        In all seriousness, I don’t think that would be a good idea. It would dishearten people who really don’t have the skill to unlock cool things and still want to have fun. Think of all the girlfriends out there. Imagine you lost your savegame and just don’t want to unlock all the stuff another time? It would create a second class gamership within games.
        Oh, and the trolls that buy the fast cars to kick your ass wouldn’t mind anyways. :P

    • I guess you never played Killzone (1) online then?

  6. Couldn’t they have patched this before release? What about the people are aren’t online? Once again, this generation screws the offliners.

    F*ck this gen.

    • The patch is probably stuff they found during the Multiplayer Bets…

  7. It must have been from the beta.There’s no way that patch could be for the single-player.

  8. Looks like it’s just multiplayer.

  9. That’s an insanely large patch. I wonder if this is part of an anti-piracy measure, where they’ve not put code and assets on the disc, so that it needs to be patched to go online at all?

    Far too big for my tastes, whatever the reason. It’s going to dampen many a spirit upon unwrapping it.

    • It is massive, bigger than the biggest patch for gran turismo 5!!!!!

      • I’ve seen bigger patches, and in context, GT5’s aren’t that big, really.

      • Yeah, at the moent i’m downloading 1.7Gb for Battlefield 2

  10. Cant wait for the review, could make or break it being a day one purchase for me.

    Is it you writing it nofi?

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