Final Fantasy X HD Announced For PS3 and Vita

Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy X will be getting an HD re-release in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary. Details are pretty slim at the moment but this is great news if you loved FFX. Just imagine seeing Zanarkand for the first time in HD. I get chills just thinking about it.

Source: Sony Press Conference



  1. Ahhh the last good Final Fantasy before Sakaguchi left…

  2. Pretty good for FF fans, I guess

  3. Please let them hd up the sending in Kilika.

    At least we will have one good FF on PS3 after the average FFXIII.

  4. Would be nice to a copy of the game which allows save data transferring between the Vita and PS3. That said, I would probably be buying this for the former.

    • Don’t you mean transfarring ;)

      Also could this be a digital copy that you can move between both? Probably an idle hope, but it would be good.

      • This is Square, remember…. They make you buy separate iPhone and iPad versions of the same game for an inflated price. That being said, if they allow save transfers between machines, I’d buy both.

      • I know it’s Kojima’s term, but it should be used industry wide. Kojima’s just that awesome.

  5. Damn, as if I had enough time to play this again. Why don’t I just send Square Enix blank checks with a letter that reads “JUST TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE IT ALREADY!”… :P

    This was unexpected. I’ll definitely get this and maybe show the missus more of this great franchise. With FFXIII, XIII-2, Versus XIII and now X HD I’m a very happy PS3 owner. (I really enjoyed XIII… suck it! ;D )

  6. Sounds good I guess, more happy though that it might shut some people up ;)

    I think Roynaldo and spoofer will implode with happiness when they see this news!

    • ha, they obviously arent awake yet. They’ve been screaming out for this!

      • OR they read it, exploded and thus can’t post a comment… OR CAN THEY? *dun dun dun* >_>

      • I was watching the thing live and nearly crapped myself in happiness.

  7. Here’s hoping for a HD update for X-2 and XII as well.

    • XII doesn’t even need remastering. You could just up the res and get away with it.

      • This. With trophies added too, obviously ; )

        I would love to return to Ivalice, I never did finish off Yaizmat, curse his ever-regenerating health.

  8. Amazing news!

  9. Yay! Loving these HD-releases, as the majority of them I’ve never played, including this one. Count me in.

  10. Awesome news. My favourite FF hands down. Hopefully Squeenix do a good job of this.

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