Inversion Gets ‘Offensive’ Gameplay Video

He has a crush on you.

A new video for 3rd person shooter, Inversion, has been released, detailing some of the ways you can use gravity manipulation to your advantage. +10 Dan Points for being able to lift and throw people, but +100 Dan Points for being able to increase the force of gravity and crush people into their boots!

The game is due out early next year.

Source: Machinima


  1. it looks like a bit of a larf. Hopefully it will be a bit puzzley too so you can use the switch the ground mechanic to solve them. It’s a bit like a shooter in an Escher drawing…which I will now christen an Eschooter (c)2011 three_leg_jake

  2. Is it just me, or do those zero G bits look sweet as hell?

    • yeah the zero G looks class, i say the multiplayer if it has one would be savage fun during the zero G parts!

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