Day One Vita Sales Figures Roll In

A smattering of sales statistics have emerged based on PlayStation Vita’s day one sales figures.

It looks like ‘select stores’ have been selling out of the Wi-Fi model, with estimated sellthrough of that particular version at around 85%.  The 3G version is currently at around 56%.


The top selling games are Everybody’s Golf 6, Uncharted and Dynasty Warriors, with the DLC-based 30fps Ridge Racer ‘uncharacteristically’ slow.  Looks like people are wise to NAMCO’s methods.

Stock of memory cards is low, with the 32GB and 16GB units sold out.  90% of Vita buyers bought a memory card.  The software tie is at 1:1.

Both Peter and I are importing Vitas, with them hopefully arriving next week along with a big pile of games.  We’ll let you know what it’s all about when they land.

Source: GAF.



  1. Very tempted myself, reports so far are good.

    Was the localisation question ever resolved – ie will an import version be able to play localised titles & more importantly, EU PSN titles?

    • I think it can. As for the EU PSN titles you’ll have to wait till the EU PSN is updated for the Vita.

    • Eu PSN titles yeah with a Eu account.

  2. Yes, dedicated mobile gaming is doomed. Seems like those smug smartphone game studios were right after all… Noooooot! :D
    This is great news. I really hope the Vita takes off and proves all those smartphone game studios and wanna-be analysts wrong. Long Live Play!

    • It will.

    • This is the very early days for Vita. You have to remember when Nindendo 3DS first went on sale everything look great and momentum for system was great. Then some very negative stories were published in the press(ie 3D and headaches/mass returns of systems to stores) which has rather killed the momentum behind the 3DS. Ever since then the 3DS has look like a lame duck.

      • A lame duck that’s outsold its preceding unit in the same amount of time being out, just broke sales records in Australia and routinely outsells other platforms by an incredibly wide margin.

        I wish the Vita the best, but to call the 3DS a “lame duck” at this point is entirely fallacious.

    • …For a day.

    • Sony tend to have good launches. The PS£ in this country with it’s £425 price tag still sold over 100,000 in week one.

  3. Does the wi-fi model have 3g as well? or are they both seperate?

    • as far as i understood, the 3G version has both, the wifi version is named wifi because it “only” has wifi

  4. C’mon Vita!

  5. Least we don’t have a long wait this time around, but still two months feels like forever!

  6. I am stupidly excited for the Vita release! Hope christmas doesn’t take too long…. ;)

  7. Not surprised Ridge Racer didn’t do well, the way they’ve gone is a rip off.

  8. Promising figures, I guess, but the EU and USA figures are the more important ones for us.

  9. Sounds great, hope this keeps up for all the other countries. It would be such a shame if it fails.

  10. LoL and some stupid survey that i saw online said the Japanese didn’t want the PSVita. I guess the survey was done by MicroSoft i bet(they own most of the internet i bet) :D

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