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Nintendo Spring Surprise Event Tomorrow

I have no idea why Nintendo has given less than 24 hours notice of their next Nintendo Direct event. Or why it’s been announced via Satoru Iwata’s twitter feed.

The event seems to be happening across several regions as Nintendo Japan are kicking off at 1pm (4am in the UK) but Nintendo UK has since tweeted that they’ll be covering an event, hosted by Satoru Shibata, at 1pm CET (12pm in the UK).

The Japanese webpage is here but if you fancy a lie in and want the announcements in English, Nintendo UK linked to this site. Expect the announcements to be much the same and probably focussed on the Wii and 3DS, rather than anything exciting about the Wii U.

Source: Twitter, via Siliconera


  1. The best way to catch the Nintendo Direct events is via the 3DS eShop if you’ve got one. (Got a 3DS, not the eShop, obviously.) The event is chopped up into more easily digestible 10 minute chunks and sits there alongside all the relevant trailers and gameplay footage. All very civilised and convenient.

  2. Forgotten all about the Wii U, just goes to show it doesn’t seem to have the same buzz as the Wii did.

    • That’s because the buzz-generation for the Wii U doesn’t kick off until E3 in June. Expect to hear lots then.

      • Yeah, but there’s been a lot more articles about the PS4, which hasn’t got an official release window, while the Wii U is meant to be out at the end of the year.

      • By my count in the last month on TSA there’s been 8 PS4 posts, mostly related to pure rumour and speculation about “Orbis”.

        In that same month there’s been 6 Wii U posts about potential release dates and pricing, developer support (Ubisoft with seven “launch window” titles including a new Red Steel and AC III) and some specifics on games we can expect (Pikmin 3, Super Mario).

        The Wii U also got a mention in our last Aliens:CM post with the game’s director saying that the Wii U version of A:CM will be the best console version. I didn’t include that post in my count of 6 Wii U posts.

        If rumours equal buzz while facts don’t then I guess you could be right. Or perhaps you’re just not that interested in the Wii U anyway.

      • Yep your right not interested in the Wii U.

  3. Satoru Iwata and Satoru Shibata? ^^
    It seems redundant to have two separate events. Surely by the time the UK event kicks off most people would have already read about the announcement. I guess it’s for the additional publicity but if that’s the case then maybe it’s something big. I do hope so! :)

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