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Riot Games Runs Make-A-Wish Charity Campaign

50% off selected character.

With an active community of well over ten million players, League of Legends has proven itself as a fertile platform for fund-raising in the past. Last year’s Red Cross drive following the devastating tsunami in Japan totalled in excess of $160,000, Riot Games looking to make its next donation campaign a lot more personal by aligning with the Make-A-Wish foundation.

As the name suggests, the charity arranges once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for youngsters suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Last year Make-A-Wish made it possible for League of Legends player, Joe, to visit the team at Riot Games HQ. Wanting to give something back to the charity, the studio will be running a promotional event from which all proceeds will go to the charity.

Until May 18th, players can grab Joe’s favourite LoL champion, Jax, at 50% along with his alternate skin option.

Source: Massively

  1. david24
    Since: Feb 2011

    It’s a nice story maybe someone on tsa may find it useful but this seems a little niche, I say it’d be more suited to a forum thread.

    Comment posted on 07/05/2012 at 08:04.
    • Jim Hargreaves
      Since: Nov 2009

      News is news fella, and as long as one person appreciates it, it has a place in our archives ;)

      Comment posted on 07/05/2012 at 08:53.
  2. stage1
    Since: Feb 2012

    Fantastic charity, hope they raise a lot of money.

    Comment posted on 07/05/2012 at 09:16.
  3. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    It’s nice to read a positive story like this, kudos to Riot Games and their community.

    Comment posted on 07/05/2012 at 10:33.