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Exclusive: EU PSN Store Gets Steam-like "Pre-Order" Functionality

Buy Sorcery now!

Whilst technically there’s no risk in waiting to buy a digital game when it comes out, SCEE have added a feature to the PSN Store today that allows users to “pre-order” a download.

Sorcery is the first game to offer this functionality – you can pay for the game now, download it, and then next week it’ll just magically (pun intended) unlock, letting you play the game.

Read our hands on with Sorcery here, but we’re also hearing that many other “big” titles will also be available to pre-order soon.

That’s pretty cool, in our opinion, and resembles the likes of Steam that offer the same kind of deal on the PC and Mac – it’s certainly something that’s exclusive on consoles just now anyway.

What do you think?

  1. Nickboss1
    Since: Mar 2010

    So its £30 on psn thats translates to a tenner at retail.

    Comment posted on 16/05/2012 at 20:07.
  2. gazzagb
    Master of speling mitakse
    Since: Feb 2009

    They should do this with the COD DLC so people can buy + pre-load it before to avoid the Store crashing like it used too.

    Comment posted on 16/05/2012 at 20:35.
  3. B1ack_Magic
    Since: Feb 2012

    It seems like a good idea to me. Can pre-download it and then start playing straight away at midnight when it unlocks. And £30 isn’t a ridiculous price, cheapest I’ve seen it for is £25 online.

    Comment posted on 16/05/2012 at 21:15.
  4. Foxhound_Solid
    Is a smart cookie.
    Since: Dec 2009


    Comment posted on 16/05/2012 at 21:28.
  5. WM21
    Since: Jan 2010
    Comment posted on 17/05/2012 at 00:17.
    • Carl
      Since: Jan 2009

      You bought it early, but you didn’t download it before release date.

      Comment posted on 17/05/2012 at 01:00.
      • heedbaw
        Since: Nov 2009

        Neither does this download early. It will, though, download automatically come the release date.

        Comment posted on 17/05/2012 at 01:07.
  6. TheDeathAvenger
    Since: Forever

    It would be interesting if you could get pre-order bonuses like soundtracks or early access to extra content.

    Comment posted on 17/05/2012 at 13:58.

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