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New Anarchy Reigns Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

Total anarchy.

Anarchy Reigns is shaping up to be a pretty mental title. Platinum Games has decided that we need to see some more of that insanity, this time with a trailer showing off the game’s multiplayer modes.

The modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Survival, Tag Battle, Team Battle, Battle Royale & Deathball. There’s also mention of the story mode, but it looks to be just as crazy as the multiplayer options.

Anarchy Reigns is due to release in July on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Youtube

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  1. Forrest_01
    Since: Jun 2009

    I was gonna mention story mode as it happens (& whether there was one), as all i have ever seen for this is multiplayer.

    Even the guy in control of the Anarchy Reigns station at eurogamer couldn’t tell me whether there would be a sinlgleplayer mode or not! :O

    Comment posted on 24/05/2012 at 15:22.

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