WeView Verdict: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

Things got a little bit cheeky with this week’s WeView, with Stewart Gilray popping his head in to tell everyone to buy Stranger’s Wrath. If you don’t know who Stewart is, he’s the CEO of Just Add Water, the developers of the HD update. He did back up his rating of the game by saying 140,000 others agree with him, and bought the game. I guess we’ll have to forgive him, the lovable scamp.

Fortunately it seems that even those who weren’t directly responsible for the game enjoyed it, with Bodachi calling it “One of my own favourite games of all time,” and PriceofWar saying it’s “Easily one of the best PSN only titles out there.”

Bodachi was the more expansive of the two, proudly commenting that they “Brought it day one on PSN and it just looks beautiful, far better then it ever did on Xbox,” and confirming that they’ll be getting the Vita version when it hits.

[drop2]KeRaSh went much further than Bodachi or PriceofWar, detailing their love for the Oddworld series as a whole. In particular they love the world created by the games, saying that “The Oddworld games take place in a world that has always intrigued me,” and the world’s strange creatures “[set] these games apart from the rest.” Focussing in on Stranger’s Wrath in particular they commented that the “sound design and the gameplay is great,” and the “graphics have been upped to a very satisfying level.”

The love for the game isn’t universal though, with matthangzhou saying that they “loved the premise for the game and tried to enjoy it but it felt like a grind for me.” Why was it such a grind? Well they had specific complaints about the “Bad camera, repetitive gameplay and linear design.” DrSmyslov seems equally annoyed by the game’s camera, saying that they’re “losing count of the number of 3rd person games where the camera is a problem.”

Another issue found by both Origami Killer and element666 are the game’s difficulty spikes, a concern that also cropped up in our review of the game.

This week I think I’ve selected the simplest ever summing up comment. It comes from Sympozium and, in spite of the few issues highlighted above, it does nicely sum up the general mood of the comments:

Its oddworld, Buy it.

That seems to have been the consensus amongst the fifteen of you who rated the game, with a huge thirteen going for Buy It. Just two picked our new option of Plus It, and one of those came from matthangzhou who accidentally rated the game as Bargain Bin It, missing the retirement of the Bargain Bin It and Rent It categories for download only games.

As always if you have a game you’d like to see feature in WeView drop a comment below.


  1. thanks for the mention, I would be all over this game if it wasnt for some insane difficulty spikes.

    • I manged to complete it at the weekend,my trick was to save all the time! But one of the last boss fights was beyond unfair!

      • You have unintentionally put me off from even trying to finish the game now ;) I started it on hard and will not do it on easy as i see that as a defeat :P

    • Hoping they might be sorted for the Vita version! :D

    • sorry :( I did it on hard first.I found a good technique by my fourth try,so I guess it wasn’t that bad!

    • It really isn’t too difficult on the hard playthrough with the quicksave option. Sure, there’s a few areas that’ll take a few attempts, but that’s to be expected on any tough difficulty playthrough.
      If you make best use of the quicksave, then there are no areas that you can’t advance even a little at a time using slightly different strategies until you complete the hardest parts.
      To be fair the game was far easier that MOH Frontline on it’s hardest difficulty and you were managing to get through that slowly. ;)

  2. Oops sorry about that. As I typed I wondered how you could effectively bargain bin a download game. But plus is such a bargain that it doesn’t matter how you label it :-) worth getting plus for.

    • I don’t see the problem with the term ‘bargain bin’ for a downloadable title – I just take that as if you see it in a sale on the store, whip it up. If you don’t, it’s probably not worth full price.

  3. Funnily enough I just started playing this yesterday having got it for free on ps+, having only played through the first couple of contracts its a hell of a lot of fun.

  4. Any chance of a Sniper Elite WeView, given it’s decent sales and TSA’s rather inaccurate review score? :p

    • I’m not sure that it’d be worth doing a weview mate, I only know of three people on here that have fully completed the game, me, you and Del. Although we all thought that it was a great game, 3 scores aren’t really enough to make the cut.
      And you are the only person that I know of that shot Hitlers other ging-gang-gonad with the games only DLC. :’o

    • Perhaps, but Death_In_Flamez has played it, since he also thought the score was low (judging by his comments), and Forrest and Origami have it, the latter actually winning it via TSA I beleive. And I assume you don’t have to finish it as some people might not have liked it, which would give a varying opinion. I know a lot of the people who WeViewed Dead Space 2 (for example) passed judgement without actually finishing it. I just suggested it as I thought the TSA review score was quite unfair and it’s done pretty well in the charts. I don’t even recall there being mention in the review (although I could be wrong) of the Survival Mode, or the fact that you can play 10 of the 11 campaign missions fully co-op.

      • Dunno about survival mode, but i don’t think campaign co-op was mentioned, as someone asked if i wanted to do it the other day, which resulted in a very confused conversation as i didn’t think there was anything outside of the co-op modes that trophies exist for!

      • Myself and Forest own the game, DiF does not :P What was the score it was given? Ive neglected it for a bit but not due to the game being bad in anyway. I would be happy with a weview on this :)
        Tbh I’ve nearly played every game for which there has been a weview verdict XD

      • Fair enough, although for a fair verdict I always think that a game should be rated after completion or at least half way through it’s campaign…..first impressions and all that.
        I remember playing the Burnout Paradise Demo from the store years ago and pretty much dismissing it (the demo used the same start levels as the full game release), but the full game did turn out to be one of my favourites of all time.
        You are probably right though, and maybe a few more people would comment on playing it that we are not aware of. ;)

      • What is survival mode labelled as? Im looking at the copy I received from TSA (which is the review copy I believe) and it doesn’t have it :s

      • That’ll be the kill tally mode I’d think.

      • Yeah, the survival/hoard kind of mode is Kill Tally. It’s round based and gets harder each round. Same Forrest, it would have been great to play the whole campaing co-op, someone spotting, someone shooting – going by the decent experience I had with freeze on the co-op modes.
        TSA gave it 6 out of 10 I think, even though they regarded it as a “budget” game.
        I agree freeze although some people might love a game and give a good account of it, even though they’re yet to finish it. Also, so long as they give reasons and have given a game a fair amount of time or chance, I guess it’s reasonable to allow people to say why they didn’t like a game and haven’t persevered with it. I just was shocked at how much I enjoyed it given the review – sound is decent, presentation and the menus are good, variety of locations and weapons, detailed enviroments. I didn’t even have an issue with the stealth or lack of HUD, it was just very hard. If there was a HUD it would have stopped you behaving like a sniper should like checking the windows, proceeded slowly, being quiet etc.

      • Ahh well that is on my game. Just played the next level and there’s just something about it which just doesn’t appeal to me, cant quite put my finger on it.

  5. How about a separate dlc weview seeing as there are very few and fair between trustworthy reviews of dlc?

    • What game for? Just DLC in general & how we feel about it??

      The issue with DLC is that it is only a certain percentage of the userbase that tends to go down that route. I, for one, rarely bother with DLC unless it’s free & i know a few others that feel the same.

      Conversely, there are people who will pick up DLC for a game that they love day one regardless of price.

      So i guess it could go either way really.

      • When it’s proper DLC like Fallout 3’s or New Vegas’s then you could base a whole vewiew on it, but for others they simply dont have enough depth to them.

      • I would probably give Fallout 3 DLC 1/10 purely due to how much it’s currently making my PS3 freeze!!

      • Death from above ruined my PS3, Im surprised how it still works after the constant freezes and crashes! Once the frame rate was so bad the game paused for 2mins then resumed!

      • Whilst I agree that fallouts DLC is worthy of a proper full review I thought that smaller DLC’s that last 2-4 hours could be perfect for weviews shorter reader reviews. I hadn’t considered that there probably wouldn’t be enough people to review it.
        It might be better off in the forums as people could just review any DLC they happen to have and then others could add their verdicts and opinions at the end.

      • That’s actually not a bad idea about the forums – Probably not worth having a seperate thread for each piece of DLC (again, i don’t think there’s enough of an install base to warrant it), but a singular thread where people can rate any DLC they have played & make suggestions to others would probably be pretty worthwhile.

  6. Oops sorry about that. As I typed I wondered how you could effectively bargain bin a download game.[img]http://www.demama.info/g.gif[/img]

    • As i mentioned above, get it whilst it’s on sale. Simples! :)

    • This comment was intentionally left blank.

      • “It” literally copied and pasted matthangzhou’s first comment and tried to add a hidden .gif or whatever to the end of it.

        If it’s a real person, they can complain about it.

      • I hate spammers. I wouldn’t mind but they generally target the wrong audience, such as me with sportswear, or skiiing holidays in the Alps. I do find the Viagra ones helpful though.

      • Ha! I get a lot of weight loss techniques as spam, it makes me wonder if these spammers are seriously obese.

      • Nah, they just assume that anyone sitting behind a keyboard & screen is, correctly or not.

      • They assume wrong most of the time!

      • No comment ;)

      • Junk by name, junk by nature.

  7. With the looming DLC on the horizon, I’d rather like to see a WeView of Dark Souls, if it’s not already been done. I still love the game personally, but I’d be interested to see how many people are still playing it a few months down the line.

    • Just got the platinum for this last month. Would also like a we view on it.

  8. Latest JAW gossip from the bloke down the corridor (who still hasn’t signed his NDA); Stewart’s poorly today so after visiting the doctor he prescribed himself a big greasy fry up to aid recovery…
    Sockman Wil continues to amaze with his plans for the Catlympics – his cats are apparently in forced training for the litter toss and random cat poo displacement events.
    Big news though is the JAW office is brightened and disturbed in equal measure by the employment of a member of the fairer sex. I made a terrible faux pas by suggesting they’d only taken her on for her cakes – but well, she does make exceedingly excellent custard slices.
    Her presence hasn’t subdued the general Nerf warfare that awaits any visitor to the studio floor…Art vs Programming – the horror…the horror…
    Oh and if you want a JAW bonus, mention Prog Rock Dinosaurs; Rush to Mr Gilray – he’s probably recuperating at home now listening to some Geddy Lee whilst watching Trek with subtitles.

    • Some good acid going around in that office!

  9. Good to see Oddworld getting lots of love from TSA’ers!

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