Activision “Flattered” By Disney’s Infinity, Claim They’ll Still “Lead The Category”

Disney’s Infinity, which was revealed yesterday, goes up squarely against Activision’s long established Skylanders. It’s pretty much the same idea, in a genre now called Toys To Life. But Activision aren’t worried. At least, that’s what a carefully worded press statement suggests.

“We are thrilled by the incredible success that the Skylanders franchise has had in such a short period of time,” said John Coyne, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Activision. “We are also flattered that one of the leading family entertainment companies is joining our toys to life category.”


“We continue to focus on delivering innovative and immersive entertainment experiences to kids around the world and are pouring more creativity into our games. As a result we are well positioned to continue leading the category.”

Skylanders brought in $500 million in retail sales in the States last year, and Disney will surely be wanting some of that. It’s highly likely that there’ll be a real impact in Skylanders’ sales, but Activision won’t be giving up without a battle.



  1. It’s not wise to bet against Disney.

  2. Do they really think creativity (and since it’s Activision I don’t believe it) will win out over favourite characters from well established brands?

  3. Not so sure “flattered” was the word they were looking for, “pissed” is more like it.

  4. I wonder if Marvel and LucasArts characters would also turn up here?

  5. Band wagon, and jumping on it comes to mind.

  6. but the Disney game has the creative element.
    Skylanders doesn’t, does it?

    that and the huge roster of well know, and much loved, characters, even before they inevitably add the Star Wars characters, will be a big weapon in the Disney game’s arsenal.

    Infinity may be a Skylanders clone, but it also seems to be much more on top of that.

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