Double Fine’s Kickstarter Adventure Is Now “Broken Age”, First Details

Double Fine’s Adventure game Kickstarter success could be pointed at as the catalyst that saw, and continues to see, game developers turn to the crowd funding website to get the public to raise funds for their projects. Who can blame them after Double Fine had over 87,000 backers, and almost $3.5 million pledged when the campaign ended in March last year.

Now we have some new news on the project and that is a name change. Double Fine Adventure is no more. Instead the game is called Broken Age, which will be a point and click title about two very different characters, who are currently unnamed, leading very different lives.

Double Fine has also released details on pre orders for the game, which come in two different packages. There is the $15 package which will give people access to the pre release Beta and the full game on release. Or there is the Backer package for $30 which will grant the game, Beta access, access to an exclusive forum, all episodes of a documentary about the Broken Age’s development, development materials, and the game soundtrack.

There is no release date for Broken Age but it will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux machines, and it will be DRM free.

Source: Broken Age 

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