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Miiverse Arriving On Phones And Browsers By May

Nice to meet U.

Miiverse, the Nintendo Wii U’s in-built social network, is set to expand onto smartphones and browsers at some point in April or May, with a 3DS version arriving at a later date.

The announcement was made by Kiyoshi Mizuki, the producer of Miiverse, at the ongoing Game Developers Conference.  He stated that initially both the apps will support basic Miiverse functionality, including connecting with communities, posting comments and drawing pictures.

Seemingly the 3DS version will only support communities for newer titles, as opposed to retrofitting all the previous console’s releases.  Though this makes sense for older, niche titles within the 3DS’s library I would still expect to see communities for all of Nintendo’s first-party output, given that they will all experience ‘evergreen’ sales throughout the life of the handheld.

It’s an important move by Nintendo,  as allowing consumers to continue to interact with their products and games beyond the core console will undoubtedly add to the experience.

We should fully expect both Sony and Microsoft to continue their own growth in this area from this generation, but it’s always gratifying to see Nintendo keeping pace with their competitors, and expanding on their own ideas.

Source: Polygon

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  1. Airiaen
    Since: Aug 2009

    hope i don’t neec to buy a nintendo for it… exciting

    Comment posted on 28/03/2013 at 17:08.

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