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District 9 Director Still Keen On Halo Movie, With Creative Control

Less prawns, more flood.

Neill Blomkamp was famously associated with Peter Jackson’s troubled attempts to get a Halo movie made. When those plans stumbled, he went on to direct District 9, which was one of the great sci-fi movies of recent years.

His latest film, Elysium (trailer above), comes out this August and as part of the pre-release marketing efforts, the director has spoken with IGN. He said that he is still a big fan of the Halo universe and that he’d love to do a film but that he would need to have creative control and that is a tricky issue for such a well-loved series.

that’s the problem. When something pre-exists, there’s this idea of my own interpretation versus 150 other people involved with the film’s interpretation of the same intellectual property. Then the entire filmgoing audience has their interpretation. You can really live up to or fail in their eyes. That part isn’t appealing to me, but the original pieces are appealing.

Blomkamp also said he wasn’t averse to making sequels to his own films, if there’s more to say in those universes.

Halo is such a deep treasure-trove of material that it’s not difficult to imagine being made into a great action sci-fi movie. With so many mediocre videogame adaptations out there, taking a bit of a risk might be just what’s needed to get something decent made. District 9 was great and Elysium’s trailer is certainly engaging, so why not hand it off to Blomkamp and see what he brings back?

Source: IGN

  1. Jakster123x
    Since: Aug 2011

    I have to say, i saw that trailer yesterday and found it really interesting, hopefully the film lives up to the promise of the trailer.

    As for a Halo film, i dunno, i don’t see it happening.

    Comment posted on 10/04/2013 at 13:51.
  2. gazzagb
    Master of speling mitakse
    Since: Feb 2009

    I would love a sequel to District 9, I think a Halo film would just be a generic American action movie and would just be ‘average’.

    Comment posted on 10/04/2013 at 18:01.
  3. Scotty34
    Since: Apr 2011

    IMO 343 did a great job developing the Unto Dawn mini series that was the build up for Halo 4. Given a bigger budget I believe they could do a great job if you could get them to stop making games…. lol

    Comment posted on 10/04/2013 at 20:20.
    • Scotty34
      Since: Apr 2011

      Thats the first i have heard of Elysium and it looks awesome!

      Comment posted on 10/04/2013 at 20:21.
  4. Bilbo_bobbins
    Since: Jun 2009

    I have to say the trailer for Elysium “looks” fantastic, hopefully the story holds up. To be honest when I saw the trailer my first thought was Halo.

    Comment posted on 11/04/2013 at 08:20.
  5. RudeAwakening
    Since: Jan 2011

    To be honest i couldn’t care less for a Halo film, what Neil Blomkamp needs to do next is a sequel to District 9!

    Comment posted on 11/04/2013 at 21:11.

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