“Journey Collector’s Edition” Now Available In Europe

The Collector’s Edition of Journey is now available in Europe, without fanfare but it’s there, for £15.99. The triple pack contains Journey, Flower and flOw, and a whole host of special features.


The special features include “3 multiplayer mini-games – Gravediggers, Duke War!! and Nostril Shot”; a developer commentary; a behind the scenes look at Journey,; soundtracks, trailers and artwork for the three games and an “uninterrupted final sequence for Journey”.

There’s also 24 avatars for your PSN ID and a code for a month’s PlayStation Plus.

You can grab it online here.



  1. It’s annoying that people who bought Journey on release can’t just buy the Journey extras, as I’d quite like to watch and listen to those.

    • Even more annoying for people who bought Fl0w, Flower & Journey already.

      Oh well, that’s the nature of collectors editions, I suppose.

      • Even more annoying is that they are referring to this as ‘Collectors’ content despite actually being a digital product. Speaking as a collector, having a set of data sat on my hard drive just isn’t quite the same as having a nicely designed boxed product…

      • Yes, very true I suppose.

        Not talking about thatgamecompany specifically but I guess developers can’t moan of poor initial sales when games are now regularly being re-released further down the line as “complete” editions with all or extra content…..no wonder lots of people wait for this to happen, or price drops. Guess I’ll start doing that in future too, but it won’t help smaller developers who maybe rely on the full-price sales.

      • This is not a normal collectors edition though so that argument is null and void.

  2. I was surprised when i spotted it on the store during the week , although it was labelled ‘unavailable’.
    I have all three games, the only thing i would like now is the flow soundtrack, so i hope that’s finally made it to the EU store as a seperate purchase.

    • still says unavailable when I went to purchase this offer.

    • I expect it will be available when the store updates properly later today.
      On the plus side, the flow soundtrack is listed for £1.59 seperately!

  3. It’s so disappointing to me that after buying and supporting all three games on their respective releases, I can’t get the bonus features as a pack download or on Plus or as a patch to Journey. This is exactly the kind of crap that Sony pulls way too often IMO. Journey was a critical hit and a complete financial disaster, so it’s annoying when Sony don’t recognise the support from some of us.

  4. Any retail release for this? US got one didn’t it?

  5. Yeeesss, I’m all over this deal, thanks TSA.

  6. Only available for P+ subscribers?

    • When I got to purchase it says I’m not eligible to purchase this content.

  7. I hope it comes out on Blu-ray to for the UK??? I would LOVE this in my PS3 Blu-ray collection :P

  8. Kinda annoyed, as I finally bought an imported version several months ago… so I got the games (including the extra minigames) but the avatars weren’t available. :(

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