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Thomas Was Alone Dev Mike Bithell Hints At “Something Aesthetic” On DualShock 4 We Don’t Know About

Thomas Was Alone is the start of something big for Sony – we said so ourselves – the game scoring a smashing 9 squares out of 10 in our review.

And the developer of the original version (the PlayStation versions were ported by Curve) has been back at Sony today to discuss his next game, something he’s calling “Project 2″, something that’s aiming at PlayStation 4.

[drop2]”You’ll know the success of this meeting in a year,” he said on Twitter today, “when you are / are not playing it on your PS4.”

He also, as you’d expect, got to hold a DualShock 4. “Can’t say much more about [it],” he teased, “it was only a prototype, but it feels tight, suits my hands, and is rather snazzy.”

“They’ve also done something aesthetically that I’m not sure I’ve seen in images online which I really love,” he added.

Quite what this is referring to we don’t know yet. Before the DS4 was shown officially there were rumours that the leaked shots didn’t show everything, and it’s worth noting that Sony hasn’t shown the bottom of it yet.

Rubber grips? Vita-esque patterns? Credit Card slot?

Tune in tomorrow for more slightly weird Twitter stalking.


  1. An Xbox logo? :P

  2. I wonder if he could be talking about some sort of haptic feedback on the touch pad, or something tactile on the very nicely textured back side? Or maybe the controller is water proof? Dualshock 3 in a wetsuit?

  3. Does he mean the textured surface?

  4. Nipples.

  5. It’s probably the piano-black surface beneath the buttons and dpad, or a pattern on the touchpad.


  6. I think he might be talking about the contours of the controller overall. Without actually holding one and having 360° access to it all we get are pictures and they might not do it justice.

  7. If you’re in the bath playing on the PS4 and you turn upside down it has a self-righting mechanism in there so you don’t drown.

  8. A hole so you can put something in to fully ‘appreciate’ the rumble function, if you know what I mean. ;)

    • I’ve needed something to tenderise carrots for a while, now, so this is excellent news.

  9. I read somewhere, that the actual ouchpad is used as a display of some sort. cant remember te developer which siad it but im sure a quick google would find some answers

    • Ouchpad? That _would_ something new.

      12 volt feedback if you die?

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