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Saints Row IV Classified In Australia, First Dev Diary Released

A love song to the fans. Aww.

A double whammy of Saints Row IV news tonight, as the game has both been classified for an Australian release and received its first developer diary. Good news all round then!

In an odd turn of events, the game has received the lower MA15+ rating rather than the R18+ rating that Deep Silver were hoping to break through with Saints Row IV. One twenty minute mission (involving heavy use of “alien narcotics”, their original reason for denying classification) has been removed, as well as the removal of the alien anal probe weapon. Those aliens, eh?

The game is described as “a love song to the fans” in the diary by the developers, showing how it embraces all of the mayhem from The Third and takes it even further. That move at 34 seconds in is particularly awesome.

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Saints Row IV
  • Developer:Volition, Inc.
  • Publisher:Deep Silver
  • Platforms:PS3, X360, PC
  • Release Date:23/08/13

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