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PES 2014 Launches Next Month

Demo coming soon.

Pro Evolution Soccer or, as some like to call it, “that other football game” is due for another annual instalment, set to launch on September 20th in the UK. A playable demo will be available on 11th for PlayStation 3 users with its 360 counterpart arriving the day after.

Using what Konami calls “Trueball Tech” and elements from Kojima’s FOX Engine, it looks to be the most refined, authentic PES to date.

It may be getting in just before FIFA 14, though the week-long gap may not be enough to change its fortune in the wake of EA Sports’ flagship.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will launch on PS3, 360, PC, and 3DS. Konami have decided to skip next-gen, at least for this year.

  1. cc_star
    Team TSA: Writer
    Since: Forever

    Looking forward to it.

    Teammate AI, dribbling, passing, movement off the ball add up to a great game that feels much, much deeper than FIFA, which doesn’t lend itself well to quick blasts when a friend comes around or hastily arranged online head to heads, but is excellent for those who keep their heads down in career mode for a whole year.

    It deserves more sales, but in the wake of FIFA’s marketing budget it’s easily overshadowed.

    Comment posted on 21/08/2013 at 11:26.
    • cc_star
      Team TSA: Writer
      Since: Forever

      It’s good to see they haven’t made the mistake of releasing two early demos again this year, like they have for the past few years in an effort to get in people’s hands before the FIFA machine is in full flow

      Demos forked from early code for tradeshows & lack the finess of the final product and probably put people off trying it out rather than attracting new players.

      Comment posted on 21/08/2013 at 11:30.
  2. leeroye
    Since: May 2012

    I used to love PES and ISS but this generation the games have been woeful. I always buy it every year in the hope it gets better but they always seem to fudge something up. Last year it was crossing and heading. Such a fundemental part of the game yet scoring from a cross was impossible and trying to get a header on target from a cross was even worse. Fingers crossed for this one with the Fox engine.

    Comment posted on 21/08/2013 at 12:03.

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