You Can Now Buy GTA V From PSN, Download Is 18GB

Only ten times the price of GTA IV!

There’s less than a month to go until GTA V and for those eager to play their digital version as soon as possible, the game is now available to pre-order and download to your PS3 hard drive ahead of its September 17th release.

Well, in some cases anyway – there’s a lot of muddled information on the thread on GAF discussing the topic, and the game doesn’t seem to be available on the online version of UK PlayStation Store just yet, though it is available to pre-order on the PS3 version of the store for £49.99.

Some people seem to be saying that all they’re getting is a 1.2MB theme, while others are saying (and proving) that they’re downloading a 18GB game file.

I assume certain people are going to do everything they can to hack into this file once they’ve got it downloaded, but Sony’s pre-loading system seems solid enough to lock them out.


  1. A £10-15 premium to waste 18Gb of space for 3 weeks. Sign me up!

    • I went to PSN to buy gta5, but after I had bought it and tried to download it, this message showed up and said tha it was to big for my ps3… Have tried to delete everyting on my ps3, but it still says that it is too big to download… Any help or suggestions?


      • Get an extension package to attach to the playstation3

  2. lets hope the digital version of games is a decent price next gen. If its RRP then people still wont catch on, well I wont be anyway.

  3. Oh good so it wasnt just me missing something as I couldnt find it this morning! I live in Norway so this is actually the cheapest way for me to get the game (on launch day) so im glad they are offering this on the PSN.

  4. Great idea but at that price with no resale value you’d have to be some weird digital obsessive to go for this. It’s about £10 cheaper almost everywhere else and you get a retail copy.

    • Haha, fair point… perhaps I am a weird digital obsessive, arent we all ;) Seriously though, im not that fused about resale (still have my original purchase GTA IV!) and I dont get that much time to play games these days so most of what I play is from PS+ so its all digital anyway :) And above all that, Norway is expensive (game will mostly likely be £60+ with conversion) and if I got from Amazon for £10 less, then I would have to wait a week + for it to arrive, pay £15 postal administration fee + 25% tax so doing the maths, for me, the PS Store is the cheapest best solution :)

      Norway… lovely country, horrendous prices :D

  5. I must admit I’m considering getting the digital version for slightly better performance and shorter load times.

    • Doubtful. The game will probably install to disk anyway. I’ve played a few games on both formats and never noticed the digital versions being any quicker.
      I have an SSD as well

      • Can we start taking bets on how big the install from the disc will be? I reckon 8.5 gigajobbies. I’m sure there used to be some sort of Sony imposed limit until Polyphony laughed, slapped their knees and just went crazy.

      • I don’t want any gigajobbies installed on my PS3, sounds like a dirty process.

      • I’m sure I’ve read somewhere around an 8 gig install from disc. Not surprising mind with the GTAV world being bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead and Vice city worlds all put together! :o

  6. It’s £35 on amazon at the moment. £15 is a massive difference!

    • It’s a 30% saving, which is a great deal in anyone’s book.

  7. Digital or Physical…..hmmmm I wonder!

    Although I’m not even buying it on day one…. although, is it region locked? Im in the states from 23rd September, perhaps I could get a copy cheaper out there…. (exchange rate n all)

    • I’m not sure if it will be cheaper (they typically retail in the states for $59.99+ whatever the local sales tax is) after conversion but it won’t be region locked. However, I can tell you that DLC does seem to be region specific so if you buy a North Amercian copy of the game and take it home, then decide that some of the DLC looks too good to resist you’ll be totally out of luck unless you can figure out how to set up a secondary account to download it from the US/Canadian store. I wish you luck either way.

      • Cheers for the advice. Seems a lot of hassle especially if I won’t actually save any money!

  8. i better not mention the size, somebody might go off on one, and that’s my job. ^_^

    for still waiting for my lifetimes supply of jaffa cakes, as specified in my contract.

    think i’ll be sticking with the disc version when i do get it.

    • that second line was supposed to start “for which i’m still waiting for”

      that’s what happens when you decide to change the wording a little bit just before posting and then forget to finish it. o_O

    • What’s this talk of Jaffa cakes? :D

      • It’s all about the smashing orangey bit ;)

  9. I pre ordered mine on the PSN store the same day it was available (US Store). All i get when i go back to check if i can pre-load, all i get is the theme.

    Not sure what’s going on with this.

  10. I am from UK, But I live in Japan, and it’s not coming out in Japan until 10th October. So downloading from my European PSN account is well worth it.

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