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Community Round-Up: 24/08/13

The week with all the games.

This week I’ll be serving up your weekly dose of the Community Round-up as both Gazza and Teflon are away. The focus has been on Gamescom, but that hasn’t managed to stem the flow of community content through TSA’s veins. Let’s dive straight in shall we?

CRU Banner - comps worms

Worms! Worms everywhere! Firstly we announced the winners of our Worms plushies from the Picture This #2 competition. The Worms didn’t stop there though, soon TSA was infested with the little blighters hiding in our header images. TSA members were tasked with finding them in order to win some Worms Reloaded and Revolution codes for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The lucky winners were announced on Friday.

We’ve also been busy giving away beta keys for the upcoming DC Universe MOBA game, Infinite Crisis. Unfortunately all 100 of the beta codes have already been picked up so you’re too late if you haven’t asked for one already!

On the Twitter front we’ve been giving away some North American codes for the funky little app Visualizer on the PS3. Hopefully next week we’ll be giving away some EU codes for it so make sure you’re following @thesixthaxis to enter!

As you can see it’s been very busy on the competition front lately at TSA, and we’ve already got another two lined up for next week!

CRU Banner - meets battlefield

This week sanmartinez has set up a Battlefield 3 meet on PS3 for Friday 23rd (yesterday!) and the 30th. If that sounds like your cup of tea then sign up!

If not, you can always add your own Meet to the list, providing you’ve got more than 250 TSA Points.

CRU2 Gamescom

On the article front, Jim put himself through some Martian misery with his Mars: War Logs review, scoring it only 3/10. Blair’s been playing the colourful The Wonderful 101 which he thought was, well, wonderful! A solid 8/10 for that game. Sticking with 8/10 games, Peter has been reviewing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified describing the atmosphere as perfect.

Unfortunately the same cant be said for Flashback (2013) which Peter also reviewed but only gave 3/10 after quite a heart-warming introduction. On the other end of the review score scale we have the impressive SteamWorld Dig for the 3DS scoring a hefty 9/10 from Blair, who’s also been playing Plants vs Zombies 2.

From Tuffcub, we have a piece focusing on The Ups and Downs of the Casual Gaming Market with some interesting findings. In this week’s Playback Jim takes on XCOM: Enemy Unknown while Teflon’s been interviewing Fergal Gara, Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK Managing Director, about all things PlayStation at Gamescom. Dan’s heading up the WeView feature this week with PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, so make sure you give it your rating.

Finally, as per usual, we end with What We Played #119, the video round-up that is Newsdesk #9 and the beloved TSA Podcast Episode 119.

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The forums are keeping up with the recent tradition of being a bit more lively this week with new posts such as:

And that’s that! TSA has been ridiculously busy this week so there may have been a few things missed in the round-up, feel free to point them out in the comments. Next week normal service should be resumed and I’ll be returned to the mad house where they found me!

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  1. ron_mcphatty
    Since: Sep 2008

    It’s funny how you get a shift in tone in comments during weeks like this, while the big shows are on. I don’t participate much, my finger is definitely not on the pulse and I only really air my poorly worded frustration when some big companies management are making tits of themselves. So, establishing my own low standard before dishing out some high praise, Im gonna put it out there that the comments this week have been above averagely good to read with some really interesting opinions flying around. Great stuff people.

    Comment posted on 24/08/2013 at 15:22.
    • bunimomike
      Since: Jul 2009

      Agreed. It gives us the foundation to piss about with. :-)

      Lovely round-up, Adam. Great to see you putting in some effort too. ;-)

      Comment posted on 24/08/2013 at 18:37.

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