New Multiplayer Mode Coming To The Last Of Us For Free

Naughty Dog’s fantastic PS3 game, with completely underrated multiplayer, will be getting a new update which brings with it a brand new multiplayer mode.


The update brings some needed balancing to the multiplayer portion, including tweaks which allow executions to be interrupted, saving you from getting stuck while killing an enemy.

A new mode is the biggest addition though, which takes an even more tactical approach to the gameplay. It’s named Interrogation and features two teams, each with a safe to defend. In order to find the opponents’ safe, you’ll need to – as the name of the mode suggests – interrogate enemies, though this will leave you open to being attacked.

Once you’ve got enough information from interrogations you’re able to, as a team, go after the enemy safe, which changes the gameplay into an attack and defend mode. Kotaku broke the news, and they also have a video, which we’ve embedded at the top.

There are still two paid multiplayer packs on the way, as well as some single player DLC. Hopefully we’ll find out about them soon.



  1. The Last of Us’ platinum was so disheartening – simply because it meant it was all over and I’d “done everything” :-( so I can’t wait for this!

  2. Can. Not. Wait.

    • Ooh, I don’t have to. Out now. That’s tomorrow sorted then.

  3. Looks fantastic and just what the multiplayer needed.

    Up to my balls in other games so will probably wait for some multiplayer DLC before I jump in and start my new Faction.

  4. Sounds like a camp fest. New (large) maps please.

  5. Great news and it’s free!

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