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Community Chronicle: 01/09/13

Back from the land of rabbits.

Pinch, punch, first of the month! 

Although, now that I’ve written this and psychically made you give yourself a dead leg, I have a vague recollection that this rule only applies to October and November…

Apologies for skipping a week with the Chronicle, but I was somewhat indisposed and unable to write it, and then it got lost in all the excitement. So to make up for it, I’ll have to cover the last two weeks of achievements!


A inferior race is a character known best for his work with a spreadsheet, but he’s obviously an avid gamer, too. If he wasn’t, why would he be going through the weekly slog of tracking peoples’ trophies?

Here’s what is in his collection:

Hi. I’m AIR and I liked Final Fantasy before Square Enix kind of ruined it.

My TV is of the Toshiba variety but I’m not too sure on the exact size. I have a 360 which is the second replacement given to me by Microsoft. The PS3 is of the slim variety and has 250Gb HDD which is my third PS3, as the original 60Gb went to the Sony-land in the sky, and the second one was exchanged to GAME as it was on its way out too.

Now back to Final Fantasy: I have all the numbered titles on disc with the exception of FFIV, which I bought from the PSN, and if I could have found my PSP charger it would have shown on there with the rest of them! Oh, and I haven’t bought FFXI of FFXIV either, as I don’t consider them to be numbered titles.

That’s all there is to it really I think, but I’m not sure if Teflon will publish all the pics I took of the FF collection or not…

Well, I thought long and hard about it, but in the end I decided to create a collage of all the little snippets which AIR sent us. He’s a good egg, after all.

As for the rest of you, my little supply of submissions has run dry. So, if you don’t want me to have to resume my regular Saturday barrage, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to teflon@thesixthaxis.com.


With two weeks worth of achievements to get through, this week features a bumper crop of trophy collecting!

We’ll start off with a litany of fastest platinums, as Samiro05 bags Saints Row 4 in a particularly speedy time, as well as Tales of Xillia. R1MJAW, meanwhile has finally managed to knock his way through the last few courses, to get the Everybody’s Golf record, and nipped through Pixar’s Brave for that record, too.

BadBoyBoogie went and played Battleship to get the fastest time there, as Forrest_01 did the same for Crash Time 5: Undercover. I’ll admit that I have no idea what that last game is, but I’m more than familiar with the brutally tricky Hotline Miami, which willbossman platinumed first.

It seems like all of the LEGO games were finished off this week, as R1M got his third platinum from Lord of the Rings on Vita. Blackredyellow also got that on PSV, but it was joined by the same game on PS3, and Harry Potter Years 5-7, collecting all three in the space of just 6 days. He’s since moved on to the Jak & Daxter trilogy, finishing a play of The Precursor Legacy.

It has also been a fortnight of Saints Row, as Wardy and AIR both took advantage of the PS+ promotion to get to the third game’s platinum. Wolf-OF-chaos, meanwhile, joined Samiro05 with the SR4 platinum.

Greg Turner took to hurling his guns at the enemy, as he finished off the enjoyable Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, whilst Salvodaze finished off his play of Thomas Was Alone. He enjoyed the story, but wanted a little more challenge from the game, maybe. Similar sentiments came from tactical20, as he got through to the end of Ghostbusters, finding the gameplay to be a bit of a drag.

It’s not all so rosy for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, either, as endlesscupsoftea finished the game, and echoed the sentiments in yesterday’s What We Played, that the boss battles were infuriating.

Tomb Raider, though, didn’t disappoint, as hornet1990 got 100% completion for the single player component. The same goes for AC: Liberation, which B_Cambo added to his cabinet of platinums.

We finish up with Youles, who got himself 100% of the DLC trophies for both LBP on Vita and Bioshock Infinite, but it’s really about the tale of Dead Space 3 that I want to mention. He’s been playing this game for what seems like forever, sticking with his buddy, McProley, and always mentioning how they’re edging closer and closer to the platinum.

Well it’s finally here! The day where both McProley and Youles have finished Dead Space 3, getting the platinum and 100% of the trophies in a delightful buddy cop-like tale.

Nice one, guys.

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. Wardy-77-
    Since: Mar 2013

    I bought Saints Row the third awhile back and battered it last week to get the platinum,just in time for the Saints Row IV platinum which i also managed to get this past Friday night :) congratulations to everyone on there achievements,and nice Final Fantasy collection there AIR.

    Comment posted on 01/09/2013 at 14:26.
  2. freezebug2
    Since: Dec 2008

    Neat collection AIR, especially the FF stuff, In reality though the series is about as Final as the Mission impossible plots can’t be done. :P

    Comment posted on 01/09/2013 at 14:31.
  3. bigchrissyc
    Since: Aug 2013

    Nice Final Fantasy collection. I have quite a good collection, not all the numbered though, and all factory sealed. Maybe i should submit my rig then we could compare collections. Nice set up.

    Comment posted on 01/09/2013 at 16:36.
  4. ron_mcphatty
    Since: Sep 2008

    Great Final Fantasy collection AIR! Nice selection of psp games too.

    Comment posted on 01/09/2013 at 19:09.

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