You Can Activate Touch Controls On PS Vita TV By Using The Sticks

You are able to use touch controls with PS Vita TV after all, although it doesn’t sound like the most intuitive or natural of systems. Instead of flicking or tapping as you would on the Vita screen, you press L3 or R3 to activate a pointer, which can then be moved around.

It will be interesting to see how well this works – I can imagine that it would work brilliantly for some games, but rather poorly in others, and some games will still surely go unsupported due to stick movement instead of touch simply not being a viable option.


This comes from a FAQ on the Japanese PlayStation website, which also confirms a few other things including the transferring of save data between TV and Vita and that you’ll need a network account for video services, naturally.

Oh, and it has 1GB of memory built-in to get you going.



  1. That might work for Uncharted’s limited touch inputs.

    Good luck with Tearaway though. And don’t play Killzone’s hacking game either.

    • Just reminded me of the gyro aiming in uncharted, gravity rush and everybody’s golf. Without the cameras, I can imagine it being difficult to use such features.

      • Gyro aiming shouldn’t be an issue with a ds3.

      • Gyro aiming is via the SixAxis so should be fine.

        Although it won’t work anywhere near as well as it does on the actual Vita, as the screen won’t be moving with the controller.

        However… There is a moment in Uncharted where you have to use the camera (to point at a light source). Good luck using the DS3 for that.

    • Uncharted is not supported. There is a list:

  2. They should’ve made a specific control pad for it. Most vita games use the touchscreen or the back panel at some point.

    • I guess it’s to keep costs down.

    • They still could but there really aren’t enough games for most to fork on another when a ds3 would probably do and ds4 would cover almost all the controls.

  3. It would have been cool if it would work on the TV and then your able to use your vita to control the games-like the Wii U. It would be a better Wii U that is the irony of it :’)

  4. Very clever use of the ‘3’ buttons. Nice to hear that there’s a plan to allow save transferring, a great option would be to allow Vita memory cards to be swapped between consoles activated on the same PSN account, I guess we’ll see how it pans out.

    • that’s a point, how many activations do you get for Vita games?
      i know it’s two for PS3 titles.
      but can you download your games onto this and a handheld Vita?

      • Good question, I’d guess at two, its the same for PS3, PSP, PS1 and PS2 classics and I reckon Sony would’ve thought of that before encouraging lots of us to buy a second Vita to be used alongside the first. They’ve been well on the ball this year!

      • I’ve just realised the TV has a USB port, presumably the Vita can plug straight into it for save transferring! Or do we call it transfarring now? I’m gonna stop typing now, I’m way too excited about a new baby console!

  5. I’d assumed that the game saves could be transferred via PS+ cloud saves, giving people another reason to subscribe.

  6. Yeah, gyro isn’t using the camera, it’s a sixaxis sensor.

    I can’t see Escape Plan working though.

    What I’m wondering is what resolution it’ll operate on. Will it be 1080p menus and 544p games and remote-play?

    I personally can’t justify buying one when I’ll have a Vita and PS4 as they’ll play the games better. Remote play on a second TV is interesting, but a bit useless compared to the mobility of a proper Vita.

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