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Over My Dead Body 2 Confirmed For Vita

From generation to generation.

Following yesterday’s Sony press conference, the PlayStation Vita now has a more definitive spring in its step. With a new, lighter model due for release as well as Vita TV, things are looking up for Sony’s ever-adapting handheld.

It’s been good news on the games front too though one title you may have missed is Over My Dead Body 2. The original game launched on the Vita back in 2011 and soon gathered a cult following.

The sequel, developed by Sony’s own Japan Studio, is said to follow the same blueprint. It’s a traditional JRPG in which players form parties and face down demonic hosts.

However, there’s a slight twist. Party members will die after two years of service, passing the torch to their offspring. It sounds like an odd premise though its no doubt one of the reasons why the first game became so popular.

Over My Dead Body 2 is due to release next Summer in Japan.

Source: Siliconera

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