Listed GTA V For PS4

Grand Tease Amazon.

We’re less than a week away from what could be the biggest release in gaming this year with Grand Theft Auto V. I’ve got my copy pre-ordered and I have the day off too. I’m prepared for GTA V on PS3. What I’m not prepared for, despite the rumours, is GTA V on the next generation of consoles.

Amazon Germany seemed to believe the rumours, or they have inside information, that GTA V will be launching on the PS4 at least as they listed it earlier today.


However the original link has been removed and redirects to a 404 page. It’s possible it was all a big mistake, but please Rockstar and every retailer out there stop playing with my emotions. Confirm the existence or non existence of the next gen version already.

Source: Amazon via OPM & PushSquare


  1. Oh dear lord no.

    Worst photoshop boxart ever… Even got the long obsolete FullHD logo.

    Still, sure everyone concerned got their hits.

  2. The one that’s just appeared on facebook for xbox one looks worse.

  3. No rush anyway, i want to play the quite spiffy looking PS3 version they’ve been showing off.

  4. Can’t wait to play it on PS3 next week, and if it’s coming on PS4, I can’t wait to play it on that too!

    • As long as there’s a discount when buying the next gen one.

      • Don’t tell Rockstar but… I would probably buy it on both anyway

  5. Looks fake but could just be an internal placeholder. The game will definitely appear on next gen consoles. It would be a huuuuge thing if it was ready for the launch of both next gen consoles.

  6. My guess is it will appear in a few months after the rush on the PS3 version has slowed down, Im one person that will play the PS3 version and still buy the PS4 version. But could you imagine the slaughter if it was a day one release exclusive on the PS4. The Xbone would be just a bone.

  7. I’m still in two minds about GTA V. If it comes out on PS4 then I’ll get it but I really can’t justify buying such a massive game when my PS4 will be delivered in late November.

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