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GTA V Released Early By Amazon

Amazon have broken the street date for Rockstar’s upcoming title Grand Theft Auto V, dispatching copies at the weekend or even before, with photos of copies appearing on twitter and Instagram days before the release date of Tuesday.

Naturally, Rockstar aren’t very happy with this, as they requested every online retailer to hold back from sending out the copies until Monday, so no one would post spoilers and potentially ruin the experience for others. They said in a statement to GamesIndustry International:

We are in the process of investigating early ‘sales’ to determine how and why that is occurring.

I doubt Amazon are going to come under fire from this – a smaller retailer might – but given that they’re the biggest online shopping website in the world, Rockstar are hardly going to cut their supply.

This means that it’s likely most people who have ordered from Amazon will receive their copy tomorrow, with high street stores having to wait until at least midnight before selling copies of the game.

We’ll have our review of GTA V live tomorrow at 3pm.


  1. Ooh I hope I get mine tomorrow! 2nd game I ever preordered and finally finished GTA IV this morning haha. I wonder if I have time to play through the lost and the damned tonight.

  2. I doubt anything will happen. I wonder how much money will be made solely through Amazon alone, sales wise. Amazon have brought this on as they now have a launch day guarantee so they will have too send copies early just to make sure they adhere to this.

  3. Amazon are probably sending out early due to the unreliability of the Royal Mail. Personally I don’t see what difference it makes. Some people are going to get it before others anyway, even if they send it out on Monday. If you want to avoid spoilers, just stay away from Game sites and Twitter for a day.

  4. Really? I thought the threshold for post on Saturdays (in the UK at least) was much earlier (around 1pm rather than 5pm in midweek). I just presumed they had just got all the orders sorted and out of the way to be picked up by royal mail on Monday, rather than mad dash with tens of thousands of copies on monday morning.

    Still, It’s 100% true that they have sent out copies a couple of days ago, I found a livestream of GTA V yesterday and the guy claimed to have got it from

    • This must be why I was sent an email from Amazon a couple of days ago to say my card details failed. True I put in an expired card by mistake but it means they were going to charge my account for an early dispatch. Now I’m sat here thinking damn I could’ve had the game today!

      • Ah, if only, you could have been playing all weekend :(

  5. thats what happens when companies get as big as Amazon are, they just get arrogant and decide they’ll do what they please and no one can do anything about it, they’re basically big corporate bullies.

    This kind of behaviour totally undermines the business of smaller retailers and basically threatens their future, not like Amazon gives a shit though.

    I’ll stick to good old Shopto thanks, although I’m having to get GTA from game due to credit, Game are just as bad though to be fair

    • it’s only a couple of days, and i expect it was done to ensure people who bought the game with them get it by launch day.
      what with the weekend and all.

      frankly i think rockstar are getting a bit up themselves over this game.

      it’s not the bloody second coming like they seem to think it is.

      for the makers of a game about stealing things and killing people, they’re getting awfully upset about people actually getting the game they paid for.

  6. Dispatched Saturday… should be delivered to the office tomorrow :D

    • Just checked…not dispatched yet. I’m a sad panda.

  7. OMG this is an outrage!!! I hope someone goes to jail for this… They still have the death penalty in America right?

    • Death is too nice, for ignoring the red tape you go to Guantanamo for life. :O

  8. I just hope mine comes tomorrow. I’ve got a lot more time tomorrow. How dare my little ones school call teacher training day for Tuesday. Also gonna see A football match on Tuesday night.

  9. I don’t get where Rockstar is getting off acting like we need their permission to play this. Once it was sent out to the distro centres the game was in the wild and out of their hands; just because someone is playing before the official release date doesn’t justify banning a console or account under the pre-tense of ‘spoiler protection’. Christ, if they’d let retailers do what they usually do, there wouldn’t be a problem.

    Which suggests two reasons for it; either A) publicity, or B) they don’t have much confidence in the game. In any case it’s R* managing to make total prats of themselves yet again (GTA IV voice actors, RDR studio management..), and it’s something I’m growing increasingly tired of.

    • I’m very glad Amazon (and a French retailer in Paris) did this. Rockstar is starting to act like a diva. It’s ridiculous. They aren’t anything special. They give out exclusive preview rights to IGN to secure that 12/10 rating while the “preview” itself reads more like over the top PR.
      Rockstar acts like their games are the second coming but still have reviews embargoed until the game is out.

      /rant over

      • Embargos, another shady practice. On that topic, I wish I hadn’t pre-ordered from Amazon, as I’d have cancelled my pre-order today when I heard that PC and PS4 references have been found in the code of the 360 version. Every other non-exclusive game screams its supported platforms from the get-go, why not this one? The only reason is to manipulate peoples spending habits, because they know a large chunk of the dedicated fanbase will buy the game again for superior hardware a couple months down the line. All they have to do is create doubt in the gamers mind that there are any other versions, and coupled with peer-pressure most will bite first chance they get. Most, given the option, would wait.

        R* really respects its fanbase.

      • Is that the case with the PS4 code? In which case I may return my copy for a refund and wait for the PS4 version. I have a huge PS3 backlog as it is and would much prefer it on the PS4!

      • Nothing has been confirmed but there is a reference to “Orbis” in the 360 GTA V code and Orbis seems to be the name of the PS4 OS.

      • IGN reviews are terrible for games like this.

  10. Well Amazon tells me that my ps3 copy is yet to be dispatched while my brothers 360 one is on its way. If his arrives tomorrow I might have to steal it until my (fingers crossed superior) copy arrives.

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