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PS4 Launching In Asian Territories In December, Months Before Japan

Japan will be one of the last countries to get their hands on the PS4, it appears, with the launch now confirmed for other Asian territories – including China, South Korea and Taiwan – just the month after the US and UK in December, while Japanese gamers will have to wait until February 2014.

Sure, they’ll be getting PS Vita TV in November before anyone else, but is that really much of a consolation? Not really, particularly when Japan is viewed as Sony’s home country.

It’s certainly an odd strategy, with Sony’s only reason for the Japanese delay being so that the system will launch with a strong software line-up. It seems as though they want to impress their own territory more than anyone.

This news comes from an Asian press conference, where they’ve also confirmed that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be releasing at launch for the system in the West.


  1. Well I suppose it makes sense, sort-of
    Consoles are taking a dive in Japan, with portable gaming becoming ever more popular.
    So for those that DO want a console, what are the options? WiiU, which is tanking, or XB1 (hah).
    So with very little competition in a falling market I can see why they’re not prioritising Japan versus those markets with stiff competition.
    And then covering it up with “we’re working on Japan-centric games for launch”

    • I don’t think it’s necessarily ‘covering it up’ as such – the Japanese gaming market is wildly different from the Western one – look at how many Vita games never get released over her for instance. I think the launch of the PS4 in Japan being in Feb with content specifically catering to that market is far better than a launch in November with Westernised content and the promise of content more ‘favourable’ to that market later on….. no point launching with titles no one in the demographic wants, as the console launch falls flat on its face, and when the titles do come out, they may have already gone back to their previous systems.

      • Lets just say if they had the development time to create western titles for the western launch in Nov they would have had the same amount of time to develop eastern games for a Japan launch in Nov.
        Hence my terminology used.

    • When you consider that a PS4 without Japan centric games would be going up against Wii U with a new Mario and a new Donkey Kong. Maybe it is better to wait.

  2. Well, seeing as though consoles are allowed in CHina legally now, it makes sense to go with the wave there, and they are made there so there’s no month long shipping around the world wait.

    As to why Japan wasn’t included? Maybe it could be a lack of actual units, as Japan may demand as many as China, S Korea etc combined?

    • You’re right, there is talk about opening up China to the console market, but for now i think it just means Hong Kong, where the PS3 was also sold.

      • Consoles in China are not there yet but the ban is in the process of being lifted. It’ll take time to crank the gears on a full release but having some games always localized in Chinese for Hong Kong will help a lot when targeting the largest country in the world by population.

        China’s known video gaming community is larger in population than the entire USA so the opportunity can be immense.

  3. It makes sense but I’m sure the Japanese Ps fans feel a bit put out with the “you can wait because we know you’ll buy it anyway” attitude.

  4. Nice to see another country walking in our shoes. We are usually the last to get new consoles. About time things got shaken up a bit.

  5. I would have expected Japanese developers to be on board day one for the PS4 development cycle so it still seems odd that they are coming last.

  6. probably not enough games ready that they would buy.

  7. Sony got it right with USA and Europe first but Japan last? It maybe because Sony know they will be the best selling console there and want to get it in other Asian markets before the X1.

    • Also Asia is far more culturally fluid than Japan which has historically been closer to nationalist than cosmopolitan.

      As a result the launch games for PS4 will do well in Asia.

  8. Will be interesting to see if the Japanese are willing to part with over inflated ps4 prices on eBay – like the west had over the years (psp, ps3 in europe for example) for those desperate to get it as soon as it releases. I’m guessing the release windows are too close for them to bother maybe?

  9. Very few western games enjoy big success in Japan so it makes much more sense to wait until the new year. It means more stock on the shelves for western releases, especially in markets sony wants a grab a big share in, and also when the machine does release in Japan there is a big library of Japan-centric games.

    On top of that microsoft’s past performance in Japan means sony don’t really have to worry about getting a head start on microsoft, which still haven’t announced a Japan date.

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