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PlayStation Vita 2000 Unboxing, Hands On And Comparison Videos

The redesigned Vita model is out in the wild, and RedSunGamerTV hosted a livestream showing the unboxing and going hands on with the console. It’s a livestream, so obviously not the best in terms of production, but it gives a good idea of how different the machine looks in someone’s actual hands.

That’s the first fifteen minute video above, which deals with taking the system out of the box and comparing it to the current console. It certainly looks thinner and perhaps even better to hold when compared to the now old 1000 model, with rubber grips.

As for the screen, which is LCD instead of OLED and may cause some concern, it actually looks decent, despite there being quite a bit of glare present. The video below does a good job of comparing the screens on the two consoles, and from that you can see that the original Vita’s colours are a bit better – the new model looks a bit washed out. It has identical software, naturally, and even the startup video remains the same.

There are seven more videos from the livestream, which you can view over on RSGTV’s YouTube channel if you feel so inclined.


  1. The new model looks much more functional in terms of buttons and their placement. Also the range of colours, extra hour and internal memory makes it a more attractive device on the go.

    But the difference in screen quality is monumental. I now realise the Vita 1000 is hot stuff and worth keeping on to, and even buying a spare one someday with that gorgeous OLED. The newer model would’ve been perfect if it had an OLED; the only reason for dropping it must have been costs because OLED is lower on power usage I think.

    • Yeah agree, the difference is simply to big, how sad :( I hope a 3000 model, will be with OLED again or a much better LCD screen.

    • OLED screens age really badly, within 5 years an LCD model will probably look noticeably better.

      • I doubt it. My PSP LCD screen aged after about 4 years and 5 years for an OLED seems decent to me.

  2. If I’m honest the LCD screen wouldn’t bother me, most of the time I would use a vita I wouldn’t be in a position to appreciate just how much better OLED is over LCD.

    Plus OLED screens age horribly, I’d bet that after 4-5 years the OLED screen would be noticeably worse than an LCD counterpart of the same age.

  3. I’m more impressed by the fact he can play rayman on two screens at once.
    I do love my oled screen though

  4. Assuming you can alter the display settings on both OLED+LCD models, as OLED looks tad too dark for my tastes.

    Not a deal-breaker for me, if you’ve never owned/seen the OLED model, don’t think you’d be dissapointed by the LCD model.

    Why the difference in load times though?

    (only watched 1st part of the vid).

  5. The second video is a huge surprise, I would never have believed the OLED colours would be so much more vibrant. Shame really. I love the styling of the new one though and the rubberised back is very appealing for my sweaty, crampy hands. My mates Vita has developed terrible light/dark lines, they really show up when you watch video, he reckons its an OLED flaw. I’m inclined to go with his semi-reliable techno bullshit and hold out for a new LED Vita next year… and I’m a sucker for a slim whatever :)

  6. You’d only notice the screen difference if you had them running side by side. Anyone who buys the newer model will be very happy…

  7. For once it has paid off to be an early adopter, I’d say. :)

  8. Funny how the new model makes me love my old one even more :)
    The only thing I would want from the new one, apart from the obvious extra hour of battery, would be the Start and Select buttons which look much nicer.

  9. Be interesting where this model comes in price-wise when it comes over here. I mean, it has to be less than the model available at the moment right? If so they could really sell a lot more. Still going for OLED personally though.

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