PlayStation Store Update: 16/10/13 – The Wolf Among Us, Sanctum 2 & TLOU DLC

Angry Wolf.

It’s always nice to get a little treat on Hump Day, trapped halfway through the week, with two miserably rainy days behind you and two more to look forward to before you can enjoy the weekend. So it’s time for another PlayStation Store Update, alongside a couple of nice sales.

Headlining this week is Telltale Game’s latest episodic game series, The Wolf Among Us, a prequel to the critically acclaimed Fables comic book series. The first episode has been reviewing rather well, though I’ve not had a chance to check it out myself. You can pick this up as a demo£3.99 as a single episode, or buy the entire season for £15.99, and save a few quid in the long run.

Sanctum 2 is the other game release, bringing the first person tower defence-shooter hybrid from PC to the PS3 for £11.99, with a trial available if you’re not sure. The PS3 release section is rounded out by the release of a Dead Nation and Road Of Devastation bundle for £9.99, when really I just want a sequel already!

The Vita is also getting some love, though mainly from ridiculously overpriced Angry Birds for £31.99. Instead of buying that, you could buy so many other things, from desk chairs to awesome games which are on sale. There’s also Muramasa Rebirth for £19.99, Crazy Market as what looks like a free to play title, and a Killzone Mercenary Art Book for no money at all. Fractopia is this week’s only PS Mobile game, at £1.59.

The Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo hits the PS3 today, though the Vita counterpart – Universe In Peril – is nowhere to be seen. However, WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship gets a demo for both PS3 and PS Vita.

Finally, the pick of the DLC released this week is bound to be The Last Of Us’ Abandoned Territories Map Pack, which I know I’ll be hopping on as soon as I can.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Wow, looking forward to the WRC 4 (vita) and Lego Marvel demo. I’d happily buy Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us if I thought it was going to get played any time soon; the backlog is monumental.

  2. The last WRC Vita game was pretty darn good.

  3. Played The Wolf Among Us on Pc, brilliant game. It’s basically The Walking Dead with a different setting, and some more action. I got into the comics in preparation, which payed off as the wall of text that sets the stage isn’t the best of introductions. 8,5/10 from me. Oh, and it’s about two hours long.

  4. well WRC4 vita demo just try it for your self, im not impressed sounds like you are driving a bumble bee the graphics are crap. I know its only a demo but really, if they want you to buy this game it wont be from this demo. cant even change from using shoulder buttons.I really like rally and driving games so hopefully the ps3 version is a lot better.

    • Unfortunately the PS3 demo version was a bit of a let down also. Felt like chucking an empty matchbox around a pinball table.
      Wasn’t very impressed and certainly not a game selling demo for me either :(

    • I enjoyed the last WRC game on Vita so i was looking forward to this but i can’t help but feel disappointed. It looks like another threadbare version of the game without the extra modes of the console version. The car has a tendency to flip over at the slightest little bump, even with the stability aid set to max. And i also would prefer an option to use the face buttons instead of the shoulder buttons.

      I haven’t tried the PS3 version yet, but it’ll be doubly disappointing if that’s poor too as they seemed to be improving gradually from WRC1 through to WRC3.

      • Agreed WRC3 was a big step up from previous iterations but this latest demo for WRC4 felt like a lazy step back, just my opinion of course.

  5. The Killzone Mercenary art book seems to have disappeared… :(

    • I grabbed it from the web store today, maybe try a search or visit the store from your Vita?

  6. Anyone played Muramasa Rebirth? I’ve heard it’s one of the best Vita games out there? Any TSA opinions on the matter?

  7. Do fancy The Wolf Among Us. Watched a few reviews. The style of the game looks amazing.

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